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RECAPE: story start with maan buying giftsfor geet and antra his sister. But antra denied to take any gift from him causehe hurt geet his wife and now she is not with them . maan was feeling guiltyand he tried to search her than he came to know that she is living in Paris withher uncle’s family . in his way to paris he think about the hurtful words hesaid to geet and his behavior with her make her to go away from him.

Story shifted to geet

She was seen in  Mauritius on a holiday . her uncle have 5 sonswho love geet like a sister . her birthday came and they fought with each otherto wish her first

But maan reach her first and wish her .shetried to maintain distance from maan and went to celebrat her birthday n discowith her brothers and friends





PART 12                                            




They all enter the disc and saw wholecollage of geet present there


Shivam came close to geet and said “princes’ pleas abtu maaf kardo. I know you don’t want


business typeparties and u also will not feel comfortable with strangers around you this is


why I invite themall. Sorry princes I will never ever shout at you please “


He said all making a very cute baby face.pouting like the way geet always do to melt them


Veer came to her and said “princes maafkardena. dekh bichara kitna guilty feel kar raha he .”


Finally she hugs Shivam and forgives him.



All people came to her and wish her andgive gifts to her then geet cuts the cake and after that all


started to enjoy the partySome get busy indrinks, some in dancing, and some flirting with others





Geet also push all her bros with theirpartners towards the dance floor.


Then she went to bar and order a softdrink for herself.


She looks here and there to see maan, ifhe is here or not but was disappointed not finding him





She sips her drink and observes everyoneat the dance floor.


Many people approach her for dance but shedenied.


She was getting restless but someone was observing her from far dark corner, sipping his wine and


smiling looking at her.  




He was none otherthan maan, yes he was present there before she came and


was observing her from the time sheenters.



He smirks seeing her denying everyone whoapproaches her for a dance.


But also get angry on the boys looking ather and approaching her.


He left his glass on side and move towardsher.



All the girls were drooling over himseeing his killing looks. One of the girls bumps into him deliberately


and said sorry in a seducing way but hejerks her away and gives her a glair to stay away.


Geet was getting fed up now she stood upand went towards tanu and said “yar mujhethora sar dard


ho raha he loud music ki waja se so I m goingout in fresh air. Agar bro ya koi pochhe tu bata


dena warna wo sab preshan ho jain ge. Tanu said ok and geet went out.


Rishi saw her going out and ask tanu andshe said that geet went in fresh air for some times so don’t





Geet was standing at the back side of thedisk which was quite isolated but beautiful with greenery all


around it.



She senses some one behind her and turnsaround to see maan standing very close to her.


She thought she is imagining him. Shelooks into his eyes and raised her palm to touch his face.


When her soft palm came in contact withhis stubble cheek he closed his eyes feeling her feather like


touch for the first time.



She creases his cheeks softly. Now hecan’t resist more and hold her palm and kiss it softly.


That kiss brings her back to her senses andshe snatches her hand from his hold.


Maan also came back to this world and lookat her. She tried to go away but he was too quick to hold her


from her waist.



She wriggle to free herself let me go.


Kuo dar lag raha he said maan pulling her closer.


His breath was falling on her lips making hergo weak on her knees.


Maan pleas koi dekh le ga said geet


But he ignore her plea bolo na geet tumhe dar lag raha he na kagar me tumhare itne qareeb


aon ga tu tum khod ko ruk nai pao gi orapne apko mujhse dor nai rakh pao gi.


Nahi ey..eysa kuchh nai hy she said and diverted her gaze from him.


He moves his lips towards her ear lobeslightly touching it with his lips and whisper


Tumhe such me mere itne kareeb ane sekuchh mehsoos nai hota.


She closed her eyes getting lost in histouch barely could reply  


Bolo na geet


Nai she replied


Agar me kisi or k itne kareeb jaon tu bhitumhe koi faraq nai pare ga


Na..nai she again replied still lost in his intoxicating scent


Tu thik he azma kar dekh lete hen. He said and left her slowly.


And went away.



After some time she also came inside andlook here and there for her brothers. She just wanted to go


back home. She asked her guards and theytell her that UV is on the other side of disc with sia (there


were two potions of disc one for loudmusic and one for couples who love romantic and slow dance)


, shivam went to drop shriya because shegot drunk accidently, veer got an emergency case while


armaan, Vicky,  and tamanna are still dancing and enjoying.


She went on the dance floor to find them but all of a sudden the DJ stop playing the music and all stop


dancing. She looks here and there confusedwith the sudden silence and saw that everyone was looking


at something with mouth hung open andmostly girls.



She look at the source of their interestto get a shock of life. There stood maan bare chested. Well he


was wearing a sleeveless jacket withoutany shirt under it and now the zip is fully open giving the full


view of his perfectly shaped abs and mouthwatering chest.





She looks angrily at the girl’s speciepresent in the disk ogling at him as if trying to get rid of the


remaining piece of cloth on his upperbody.


Maan smirk at her seeing her going all redwith anger.


DJ start plying the song







Zikr Karein Jo Tera Raat Guzar Jaati Hai Teri DeewangeeMein


Listeningto the wordings she looks at him. She feels like he is saying this to her andshe was right he was pointing towards her and looking in her eyes


Umr Guzarne Ki RaahNazar Aati Hai Teri Deewangee Mein


 Shestood still for some time feeling the song


 Zikr Karein Jo Tera Raat Guzar Jaati HaiTeri Deewangee Mein

 Umr Guzarne Ki Raah Nazar Aati Hai TeriDeewangee Mein


Maan tried to tell her that how much heloves her

That he cannot live without her

Yes he is selfish but his love for geet ismaking him selfish

He wants her all for himself only.


Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 

Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 

(Rabba Ve RabbaKhair Kare ) 4


(Zikr Karein JoTera Raat Guzar Jaati Hai Teri Deewangee Mein

 Umr Guzarne Ki Raah Nazar Aati Hai TeriDeewangee Mein) 2

Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 

Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 



He came towards her circling her than in aswift he turns her around making her back hit his chest and his hands creasingher arms going up towards her shoulder.





(Rabba Ve RabbaKhair Kare ) 2


 Heturn her again to face him. She was all the while lost in his touch. He cupsher face and his lips were mere inches apart. She close her eyes waiting forhis lips to touch hers, maan smile seeing her lost in him and than move awayfrom her. She open her eyes missing his warmth and look here and there to findhim on the dance floor again and girls circling him.


( Sochein Tumhe HiSochein,

Hum To Shaam Savere

Tumko Hi ChaaheinTumko Hi Bulaayein Meri Baahon Ke Yeh Gherein )… (2)


Her blood boils seeing those girlstouching and dancing with her maan



 but next moment her eyes welled up seeingmaan pulling two girls towards him holding them from their waist and dancingwith them




Maan was in a naughty mood trying to teasegeet and make her jealous.


But he forgot that this is not the time tomake her jealous, it’s time to make her believe that he truly loves her andonly her.

His whole act was doing opposite effect onher.


Rabba Ve RabbaKhair Kare (2)


He looks towards her and his smilevanished in thin air seeing her precious pearls dropping from her eyes. He stopsdancing and move towards her but she ran out crying. He ran after her and catchher

before she can get away from him .


Geet jaan kya hova , kisine kuchh kaha kyatumse tell me jaan why are you crying he cup her


face but she push him away


Stay away from me I hate you I hate you sunaapne


She tried to go away but he again stop herby holding her hand jaanplz but she snatch herhand from


him and said


Kya sabit karna chahte hen app yehi na k youcan still break my heart that you can still give


me pain


Yehi jana chahte he na k kya mujhe faraq partahe k nahi


She hold his jacket in her fist




Tu sunye han mujhe faraq parta he me ap kokisi or k saath nai dekh sakte maan. Par apko


koi faraq nai parta k mujhe kesa feel hota he.Kuo ai app yahan. Plz maan I can’t take it


anymore. Jhoot kaha tha apne mujhse ap mujh sepyaar nai karte bilkul b nai karte ap ko tu


maza ata hena mujhe dard me dekh kar


Nai jaan he cups her faceplz esa nai he tum meri baat’


But she push him away esa hi he maan you don’t love me. You don’tlove me.


And she ran away maan ran behind her butshe sat in her car and zoom past him.


Maan just stand there and saw her cardisappearing in the dark. 




A tear drop fall from his eye


Oh God sub kuchh galat ho raha he subkuchh mene phir se os ka dill dukha ya


And he also went away from there



 Precape:past maan missing geet 


sorry girls . i edited it with color code but phir post nai ho raha tha so now without color code Confused


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