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TANHA HEN HUM …. part 11

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 part 11



Morning sun rises in Paris making everything shine with his glory


Tossing and turning on her bed she open her eyes irritated with the rays falling on her face making her

Look more beautiful with her messed up state and pouting face.


Maria close the curtains I want to sleep more


Geet said to her maid while turning away from the rays.


Maria did what she was told and left the room


Geet felt a soothing touch on her head.


She smiles snuggling closer and closer.


Good morning princess said swati creasing her head





Good night mamma she replied playfully and shifted in her lap giggling a little.


Swati smile at her and try to wake her up


Princess wake up see it’s getting late for breakfast.  


Mamma bas 5 minutes more  


Geet u didn’t had ur dinner also beta and everyone else is waiting for u at the breakfast table.  


She get up lazily ok mamma u go i m coming in 5 minutes. Swati leave the room and Geet goes to get ready.


She came down after some time.


Good morning  


She wishes everyone at the breakfast table


Lo a gai mahrani. Ye hamesha late karti he geet kisi din teri waja se hum sab bhoke mar jain ge said rishi to irritate her.





He loves to see her changing expression one minute angry, one minute happy one minute irritated. And

next minute pouting like a cute baby.


Oy bhikari tere ghar me khana nai milta he jo tu har waqt yahan para rehta he. She said taking a seat

beside him


Excuse me ye mere uncle ka ghar he tu meri marzi me jab b yahan aon tujhe kya he said indicating towards her dad


Dekh she said pointing butter knife towards hm 


Dikha he said leaning towards her 


She picks up glass full of water and throws it on his pant







All laugh seeing them fighting like kids


Uv interrupt princess aj ka kya plan he and what kind of party u wont 


uday veer ( UV)(dada)



Geet immediately replied no party dada. 


Everyone was shocked specially the brother




No party said veer  


veer(bhai )



No celebration said shivam





No fun said Amy and Vicky


VICKY (champ)



armaan (amy)



Yes said Geet but why princess ask uv


Dada I don’t want to share my birthday with strangers so I decided that we all will go to disc and will do

party and celebrate my birthday among us only. 


Yes screamed Vicky and Amy


Princess u r to good and that is an awesome idea said Amy


Par disc, princess are u sure said shivam not liking the idea of Geet going to a place which is full of boys

Loll bichara can’t say no to her nor could control on his possessive nature


Uff bro why r u taking tension I m not going alone u all r coming with me so chill  


Ok princess but disc me select karon ga said shivam


Geet roll her eyes ok bro as u wish and bhai u r also coming with us to disc so no bahana 


Ab tu jana hi pare ga tumhari birthday jo celebrate karni he said veer


Ok so i m going to call shriya, tamy and sia said geet moving towards the stairs but stop and said to rishi

and u Mister wet pant u r also invited but plz pant sukha kar ana dekhne wale ghalat sochen

ge kahen ge itna bara ho gaya he lekin bachpan ki adat abi tak nai gai 


All burst out laughing


Geet tu aj gai said rishi and start running to catch her while Geet also ran towards her room laughing 


Later sia, tamy and shriya came to RM (Raizada mansion)


They were selecting dresses for disc


Yar geet i think this black dress will look hot on u what say sia said shriya but before sia can answer tamy intrupt


sia(UV’s fiance )



No yar why dress i think we all should wear pants and tops this golden top will look nice on Geet  





Oy hum disc ja rai hen geet ki birthday party me teri birthday party nai he jo hum pagal bhotniya ban karjain


shriya(shivam’s GF)



said shriya while snatching the top from tamy’s hand


Oy meri birthday party teri party se tu achhi hoti hy kum se kum os me log bikini pehen kar tu nai ate

Tamy fight back


Just shut up or else I will. . . I will . . .han i will stitch your phata hova jeans shriya said eyeing her jeans  


Dare u touch my jeans i cut it with blade and it took me whole day to cut it like that and this is fashion u


bimbo said tamy


U called me bimbo? U. . . U. . . Grrr geet look tamy is irritating me she complained to geet but geet

was lost in her thoughts i dont love him anymore. He dont affect me now. He was wrong. Un k hone ya

na hone se mujhe koi faraq nai parta. I m happy without him and i will prove it tonight haan

i dont love

hm, I don’t love him  


She is struggling with her feelings, she still loves him madly but don’t want to accept it. She wants to

prove it to him and others that she is happy without him, but the truth is she is unable to prove it to

herself so how could she think that other believe on her lai.


Geeet shriya scream in her ear


WHAT!!! Said geet coming out of her thoughts 


Geet shriya tujhe kab se awaaz de rai he kahan gum he tu said sia


Nai kuchh nai bas party k bare me soch rai thi she said moving her hair behind her ear. Sia saw her


ring but before she can ask her shriya scream


OMG geet it’s so beautiful she said taking her hand so that she can have a clear look on her ring


Where did u get it from she asked. Geet look here and there don’t know what to say. She can’t say


that maan gifted her


 woh . . . woh. . . Han Mauritius se li thi 


She pats herself mentally.


Wow geet it’s so pretty. Can i wear it for the party today plz plz ask shriya


WHAT!!! She snatched her hand back no way this is mine. Tum koi or le lo mere pas is se b

pretty rings hen but I m not going to give this ring to anyone. Said Geet, getting hell possessive

for the ring.



Geet this is just a ring yar plz just for today shriya pleads


No no No a big no Geet replied stubbornly


Lekin kuo shriya asked


Now Geet was fully trapped she don’t know what to say. She even don’t know why she is feeling hell


possessive for this ring. This ring is gifted by Maan na so according to her she should hate it. But how


could she hate it. How could she hate the first gift of her love? She accept it or not but this is a reality


that she still loves Maan. But she is hurt because of his past act and his heart wrenching words which he


threw on her innocent heart. But her heart is not listening to her. Her heart wanted to feel the love which


she saw in Maan’s eyes, her heart wanted to trust  him again, wanted to give him a chance.


Geeet where are u shriya shook her u didn’t tell me the reason


Woh ….. Woh…. It’s not coming off.


What … but before shriya can complete sia interrupt

Yar plzz continue your talks later. Now decide what to wear


Geet tell me u want to wear pants or dress


Geet think for some time and said


girls today you select a short dress for me but remember it should look hot on me ok


Geet are u all right. kahin tujhe fever tu nai he na said sia getting concerned and checking her forehead


Cut it out yar I m perfectly all right. Ab drama band kar and tell me are u all going to help me or not


Hell yes geet. neki or poch poch said shriya getting excited  


geet thought . I know that maan will defiantly come to disk but I will show him that he is wrong I don’t love him and I m enjoying my life without him and then he will go away and will never come back  


So my kiwi fruit is going to celebrate her birthday without me… hmm to bad jaan


But don’t worry. MAAN SINGH KHURANA does not need any invitation to meet his kiwi fruit.


maan was sitting on sofa seeing geet’s picture and listening her talks with her friends through the


microphone which is hidden inside her ring . A sweet smile was playing on his lips listening the lies she


was saying to protect the ring .


see u at the party jaan and I love u




yar ye larkiyan itni der kun lagati hen  said rishi to all the brothers


they all are ready to leave for disc but waiting for their princess and all the girls from past 2 hours but as


usual they are busy grooming them selves


shut up rishi said uv getting irritated with his continues cribbing


yar tu ja k on ko………. but his words stuck in his throat seeing  geet descending downShocked


shivam was laying on the couch but seeing geet he falls on the groundLOL



chalen dada we are ready    


said geet standing in front of them


but all were so shocked to react seeing their little sis in this much revealing dressShockedOuch



Rishi’s mouth fell open and he was staring at her as if seeing her for the first time


Shivam look at him staring at his baby doll. He ran and put his both hands on rishi’s eyes


U idiot stop staring at herAngry


All came back to their senses


Bro lets go we are getting late said Geet getting confused with their behavior


Geet u r not going anywhere in these cloths said shivam getting angry



Geet was too shocked. No one ever get angry on her and especially on her birthday


She was going to cry any time but uv give a glair to shivam and said immediately


Princess this dress is not looking good plz change it


Par dada ye tu achhi lag rai he said geet checking herself again


Plzz princess mere liye bhi nai change kar sakti said UV


Now how could she not listen to her brother

Ok said geet running back to her room to change


They all took a relief breathTongue


Shivam gave an angry glair to shriya knowing that it was all her effortsAngry


After half an hour geet came down



 Now princess is looking like a princess said uv to chair her up


It’s better than before thought shivam giving a smile to geet but she look away showing that she is


angry with him


shivam give a puppy pleading look to uv asking for help


but uv shook his head saying he can’t


they all went from there to disc


precape : maneet face to face again


also added CS as u all are getting confused


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a big sorry to all 4 my sudden gayab My computer get virus 3rd time in week cause of my bros stupid game and now dad is hell angry and he is not gating it repair till eid after that may be or may be not So cant send pms and attach photos nor can give a big update will update through cell now here is the updatE

maan woke up in the morning and went for his tai chi practis

After that he got ready for office as fast as he can ,

just wanted to reach the office to get some info about his love

he was so excited to know where is she ? how is she ?

He enter in his office in totlly MSK stylewith his body guards following him

He enter in his cabin and call adi

Adi:g..ggud morning sssir

(lolz maanko dekh kar larkiyon ki sans band ho jati he or adi ki awaaz poor fellow)

M: adi meri aj ki sari meetings cancel kardo and don’t disturb me 4 anything

Adi: par sssir(but stop seeing maanglaring at him

Adi:sssorry sir

M:u may go now and when mr. Patelcame then inform me

Adi: ok sir

After some time mr Patel came andAdi send him to maan’s cabin aftertaking his permission.

Mr patel enter in his cabin and greet him

Mr patel : gud morning mr Khurana

M:gud morning mr Patel

Mr Patel :mr khurana as u said us tosearch ur wife we did our best and afterchecking ur wife’s family history we can guess where she can be.

As u know mr balwindar raizada(darji)has a son mr randeep raizada as in urFIL and the only son but this is not true

Maan was confused :what do u mean ?

Mr Patel:i mean to say that mr balwinder had 2 sons randeep and rajeev

.Maan : but how it can be they never talkabout him also

Mr Patel: there is a reason behaind italso mr balwindar send his son rajeevto mumbai 4 studies and there he fell in love with a girl named swati dikshit

she was an orphan and mr balwindarwants rajeev to marry in family so herefuse to accept their relation

but rajeev was to much in love with swati so hemarred her against hs family’s will.

When mr balwindar came to knowabout it he broke hs every tai withrajeev

Maan was shocked a little :but how it is connected to geet?

Mr Patel : i know u will ask this question . When randeep get married and geet born he left his home and came to live in delhi 4 hs job .

He love hs brother rajeev but was unable to meet him in village but after coming to delhi he started to meet his bro and talk to him some times .

After some years rajeev left 4 paris.

Precape: maan: geet i m coming to take u back

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