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RECAPE: story start with maan buying giftsfor geet and antra his sister. But antra denied to take any gift from him causehe hurt geet his wife and now she is not with them . maan was feeling guiltyand he tried to search her than he came to know that she is living in Paris withher uncle’s family . in his way to paris he think about the hurtful words hesaid to geet and his behavior with her make her to go away from him.

Story shifted to geet

She was seen in  Mauritius on a holiday . her uncle have 5 sonswho love geet like a sister . her birthday came and they fought with each otherto wish her first

But maan reach her first and wish her .shetried to maintain distance from maan and went to celebrat her birthday n discowith her brothers and friends





PART 12                                            




They all enter the disc and saw wholecollage of geet present there


Shivam came close to geet and said “princes’ pleas abtu maaf kardo. I know you don’t want


business typeparties and u also will not feel comfortable with strangers around you this is


why I invite themall. Sorry princes I will never ever shout at you please “


He said all making a very cute baby face.pouting like the way geet always do to melt them


Veer came to her and said “princes maafkardena. dekh bichara kitna guilty feel kar raha he .”


Finally she hugs Shivam and forgives him.



All people came to her and wish her andgive gifts to her then geet cuts the cake and after that all


started to enjoy the partySome get busy indrinks, some in dancing, and some flirting with others





Geet also push all her bros with theirpartners towards the dance floor.


Then she went to bar and order a softdrink for herself.


She looks here and there to see maan, ifhe is here or not but was disappointed not finding him





She sips her drink and observes everyoneat the dance floor.


Many people approach her for dance but shedenied.


She was getting restless but someone was observing her from far dark corner, sipping his wine and


smiling looking at her.  




He was none otherthan maan, yes he was present there before she came and


was observing her from the time sheenters.



He smirks seeing her denying everyone whoapproaches her for a dance.


But also get angry on the boys looking ather and approaching her.


He left his glass on side and move towardsher.



All the girls were drooling over himseeing his killing looks. One of the girls bumps into him deliberately


and said sorry in a seducing way but hejerks her away and gives her a glair to stay away.


Geet was getting fed up now she stood upand went towards tanu and said “yar mujhethora sar dard


ho raha he loud music ki waja se so I m goingout in fresh air. Agar bro ya koi pochhe tu bata


dena warna wo sab preshan ho jain ge. Tanu said ok and geet went out.


Rishi saw her going out and ask tanu andshe said that geet went in fresh air for some times so don’t





Geet was standing at the back side of thedisk which was quite isolated but beautiful with greenery all


around it.



She senses some one behind her and turnsaround to see maan standing very close to her.


She thought she is imagining him. Shelooks into his eyes and raised her palm to touch his face.


When her soft palm came in contact withhis stubble cheek he closed his eyes feeling her feather like


touch for the first time.



She creases his cheeks softly. Now hecan’t resist more and hold her palm and kiss it softly.


That kiss brings her back to her senses andshe snatches her hand from his hold.


Maan also came back to this world and lookat her. She tried to go away but he was too quick to hold her


from her waist.



She wriggle to free herself let me go.


Kuo dar lag raha he said maan pulling her closer.


His breath was falling on her lips making hergo weak on her knees.


Maan pleas koi dekh le ga said geet


But he ignore her plea bolo na geet tumhe dar lag raha he na kagar me tumhare itne qareeb


aon ga tu tum khod ko ruk nai pao gi orapne apko mujhse dor nai rakh pao gi.


Nahi ey..eysa kuchh nai hy she said and diverted her gaze from him.


He moves his lips towards her ear lobeslightly touching it with his lips and whisper


Tumhe such me mere itne kareeb ane sekuchh mehsoos nai hota.


She closed her eyes getting lost in histouch barely could reply  


Bolo na geet


Nai she replied


Agar me kisi or k itne kareeb jaon tu bhitumhe koi faraq nai pare ga


Na..nai she again replied still lost in his intoxicating scent


Tu thik he azma kar dekh lete hen. He said and left her slowly.


And went away.



After some time she also came inside andlook here and there for her brothers. She just wanted to go


back home. She asked her guards and theytell her that UV is on the other side of disc with sia (there


were two potions of disc one for loudmusic and one for couples who love romantic and slow dance)


, shivam went to drop shriya because shegot drunk accidently, veer got an emergency case while


armaan, Vicky,  and tamanna are still dancing and enjoying.


She went on the dance floor to find them but all of a sudden the DJ stop playing the music and all stop


dancing. She looks here and there confusedwith the sudden silence and saw that everyone was looking


at something with mouth hung open andmostly girls.



She look at the source of their interestto get a shock of life. There stood maan bare chested. Well he


was wearing a sleeveless jacket withoutany shirt under it and now the zip is fully open giving the full


view of his perfectly shaped abs and mouthwatering chest.





She looks angrily at the girl’s speciepresent in the disk ogling at him as if trying to get rid of the


remaining piece of cloth on his upperbody.


Maan smirk at her seeing her going all redwith anger.


DJ start plying the song







Zikr Karein Jo Tera Raat Guzar Jaati Hai Teri DeewangeeMein


Listeningto the wordings she looks at him. She feels like he is saying this to her andshe was right he was pointing towards her and looking in her eyes


Umr Guzarne Ki RaahNazar Aati Hai Teri Deewangee Mein


 Shestood still for some time feeling the song


 Zikr Karein Jo Tera Raat Guzar Jaati HaiTeri Deewangee Mein

 Umr Guzarne Ki Raah Nazar Aati Hai TeriDeewangee Mein


Maan tried to tell her that how much heloves her

That he cannot live without her

Yes he is selfish but his love for geet ismaking him selfish

He wants her all for himself only.


Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 

Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 

(Rabba Ve RabbaKhair Kare ) 4


(Zikr Karein JoTera Raat Guzar Jaati Hai Teri Deewangee Mein

 Umr Guzarne Ki Raah Nazar Aati Hai TeriDeewangee Mein) 2

Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 

Loot Jaayenge, MarJaayenge Tere Bina Tere Bina 



He came towards her circling her than in aswift he turns her around making her back hit his chest and his hands creasingher arms going up towards her shoulder.





(Rabba Ve RabbaKhair Kare ) 2


 Heturn her again to face him. She was all the while lost in his touch. He cupsher face and his lips were mere inches apart. She close her eyes waiting forhis lips to touch hers, maan smile seeing her lost in him and than move awayfrom her. She open her eyes missing his warmth and look here and there to findhim on the dance floor again and girls circling him.


( Sochein Tumhe HiSochein,

Hum To Shaam Savere

Tumko Hi ChaaheinTumko Hi Bulaayein Meri Baahon Ke Yeh Gherein )… (2)


Her blood boils seeing those girlstouching and dancing with her maan



 but next moment her eyes welled up seeingmaan pulling two girls towards him holding them from their waist and dancingwith them




Maan was in a naughty mood trying to teasegeet and make her jealous.


But he forgot that this is not the time tomake her jealous, it’s time to make her believe that he truly loves her andonly her.

His whole act was doing opposite effect onher.


Rabba Ve RabbaKhair Kare (2)


He looks towards her and his smilevanished in thin air seeing her precious pearls dropping from her eyes. He stopsdancing and move towards her but she ran out crying. He ran after her and catchher

before she can get away from him .


Geet jaan kya hova , kisine kuchh kaha kyatumse tell me jaan why are you crying he cup her


face but she push him away


Stay away from me I hate you I hate you sunaapne


She tried to go away but he again stop herby holding her hand jaanplz but she snatch herhand from


him and said


Kya sabit karna chahte hen app yehi na k youcan still break my heart that you can still give


me pain


Yehi jana chahte he na k kya mujhe faraq partahe k nahi


She hold his jacket in her fist




Tu sunye han mujhe faraq parta he me ap kokisi or k saath nai dekh sakte maan. Par apko


koi faraq nai parta k mujhe kesa feel hota he.Kuo ai app yahan. Plz maan I can’t take it


anymore. Jhoot kaha tha apne mujhse ap mujh sepyaar nai karte bilkul b nai karte ap ko tu


maza ata hena mujhe dard me dekh kar


Nai jaan he cups her faceplz esa nai he tum meri baat’


But she push him away esa hi he maan you don’t love me. You don’tlove me.


And she ran away maan ran behind her butshe sat in her car and zoom past him.


Maan just stand there and saw her cardisappearing in the dark. 




A tear drop fall from his eye


Oh God sub kuchh galat ho raha he subkuchh mene phir se os ka dill dukha ya


And he also went away from there



 Precape:past maan missing geet 


sorry girls . i edited it with color code but phir post nai ho raha tha so now without color code Confused


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TANHA HEN HUM …. part 11

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 part 11



Morning sun rises in Paris making everything shine with his glory


Tossing and turning on her bed she open her eyes irritated with the rays falling on her face making her

Look more beautiful with her messed up state and pouting face.


Maria close the curtains I want to sleep more


Geet said to her maid while turning away from the rays.


Maria did what she was told and left the room


Geet felt a soothing touch on her head.


She smiles snuggling closer and closer.


Good morning princess said swati creasing her head





Good night mamma she replied playfully and shifted in her lap giggling a little.


Swati smile at her and try to wake her up


Princess wake up see it’s getting late for breakfast.  


Mamma bas 5 minutes more  


Geet u didn’t had ur dinner also beta and everyone else is waiting for u at the breakfast table.  


She get up lazily ok mamma u go i m coming in 5 minutes. Swati leave the room and Geet goes to get ready.


She came down after some time.


Good morning  


She wishes everyone at the breakfast table


Lo a gai mahrani. Ye hamesha late karti he geet kisi din teri waja se hum sab bhoke mar jain ge said rishi to irritate her.





He loves to see her changing expression one minute angry, one minute happy one minute irritated. And

next minute pouting like a cute baby.


Oy bhikari tere ghar me khana nai milta he jo tu har waqt yahan para rehta he. She said taking a seat

beside him


Excuse me ye mere uncle ka ghar he tu meri marzi me jab b yahan aon tujhe kya he said indicating towards her dad


Dekh she said pointing butter knife towards hm 


Dikha he said leaning towards her 


She picks up glass full of water and throws it on his pant







All laugh seeing them fighting like kids


Uv interrupt princess aj ka kya plan he and what kind of party u wont 


uday veer ( UV)(dada)



Geet immediately replied no party dada. 


Everyone was shocked specially the brother




No party said veer  


veer(bhai )



No celebration said shivam





No fun said Amy and Vicky


VICKY (champ)



armaan (amy)



Yes said Geet but why princess ask uv


Dada I don’t want to share my birthday with strangers so I decided that we all will go to disc and will do

party and celebrate my birthday among us only. 


Yes screamed Vicky and Amy


Princess u r to good and that is an awesome idea said Amy


Par disc, princess are u sure said shivam not liking the idea of Geet going to a place which is full of boys

Loll bichara can’t say no to her nor could control on his possessive nature


Uff bro why r u taking tension I m not going alone u all r coming with me so chill  


Ok princess but disc me select karon ga said shivam


Geet roll her eyes ok bro as u wish and bhai u r also coming with us to disc so no bahana 


Ab tu jana hi pare ga tumhari birthday jo celebrate karni he said veer


Ok so i m going to call shriya, tamy and sia said geet moving towards the stairs but stop and said to rishi

and u Mister wet pant u r also invited but plz pant sukha kar ana dekhne wale ghalat sochen

ge kahen ge itna bara ho gaya he lekin bachpan ki adat abi tak nai gai 


All burst out laughing


Geet tu aj gai said rishi and start running to catch her while Geet also ran towards her room laughing 


Later sia, tamy and shriya came to RM (Raizada mansion)


They were selecting dresses for disc


Yar geet i think this black dress will look hot on u what say sia said shriya but before sia can answer tamy intrupt


sia(UV’s fiance )



No yar why dress i think we all should wear pants and tops this golden top will look nice on Geet  





Oy hum disc ja rai hen geet ki birthday party me teri birthday party nai he jo hum pagal bhotniya ban karjain


shriya(shivam’s GF)



said shriya while snatching the top from tamy’s hand


Oy meri birthday party teri party se tu achhi hoti hy kum se kum os me log bikini pehen kar tu nai ate

Tamy fight back


Just shut up or else I will. . . I will . . .han i will stitch your phata hova jeans shriya said eyeing her jeans  


Dare u touch my jeans i cut it with blade and it took me whole day to cut it like that and this is fashion u


bimbo said tamy


U called me bimbo? U. . . U. . . Grrr geet look tamy is irritating me she complained to geet but geet

was lost in her thoughts i dont love him anymore. He dont affect me now. He was wrong. Un k hone ya

na hone se mujhe koi faraq nai parta. I m happy without him and i will prove it tonight haan

i dont love

hm, I don’t love him  


She is struggling with her feelings, she still loves him madly but don’t want to accept it. She wants to

prove it to him and others that she is happy without him, but the truth is she is unable to prove it to

herself so how could she think that other believe on her lai.


Geeet shriya scream in her ear


WHAT!!! Said geet coming out of her thoughts 


Geet shriya tujhe kab se awaaz de rai he kahan gum he tu said sia


Nai kuchh nai bas party k bare me soch rai thi she said moving her hair behind her ear. Sia saw her


ring but before she can ask her shriya scream


OMG geet it’s so beautiful she said taking her hand so that she can have a clear look on her ring


Where did u get it from she asked. Geet look here and there don’t know what to say. She can’t say


that maan gifted her


 woh . . . woh. . . Han Mauritius se li thi 


She pats herself mentally.


Wow geet it’s so pretty. Can i wear it for the party today plz plz ask shriya


WHAT!!! She snatched her hand back no way this is mine. Tum koi or le lo mere pas is se b

pretty rings hen but I m not going to give this ring to anyone. Said Geet, getting hell possessive

for the ring.



Geet this is just a ring yar plz just for today shriya pleads


No no No a big no Geet replied stubbornly


Lekin kuo shriya asked


Now Geet was fully trapped she don’t know what to say. She even don’t know why she is feeling hell


possessive for this ring. This ring is gifted by Maan na so according to her she should hate it. But how


could she hate it. How could she hate the first gift of her love? She accept it or not but this is a reality


that she still loves Maan. But she is hurt because of his past act and his heart wrenching words which he


threw on her innocent heart. But her heart is not listening to her. Her heart wanted to feel the love which


she saw in Maan’s eyes, her heart wanted to trust  him again, wanted to give him a chance.


Geeet where are u shriya shook her u didn’t tell me the reason


Woh ….. Woh…. It’s not coming off.


What … but before shriya can complete sia interrupt

Yar plzz continue your talks later. Now decide what to wear


Geet tell me u want to wear pants or dress


Geet think for some time and said


girls today you select a short dress for me but remember it should look hot on me ok


Geet are u all right. kahin tujhe fever tu nai he na said sia getting concerned and checking her forehead


Cut it out yar I m perfectly all right. Ab drama band kar and tell me are u all going to help me or not


Hell yes geet. neki or poch poch said shriya getting excited  


geet thought . I know that maan will defiantly come to disk but I will show him that he is wrong I don’t love him and I m enjoying my life without him and then he will go away and will never come back  


So my kiwi fruit is going to celebrate her birthday without me… hmm to bad jaan


But don’t worry. MAAN SINGH KHURANA does not need any invitation to meet his kiwi fruit.


maan was sitting on sofa seeing geet’s picture and listening her talks with her friends through the


microphone which is hidden inside her ring . A sweet smile was playing on his lips listening the lies she


was saying to protect the ring .


see u at the party jaan and I love u




yar ye larkiyan itni der kun lagati hen  said rishi to all the brothers


they all are ready to leave for disc but waiting for their princess and all the girls from past 2 hours but as


usual they are busy grooming them selves


shut up rishi said uv getting irritated with his continues cribbing


yar tu ja k on ko………. but his words stuck in his throat seeing  geet descending downShocked


shivam was laying on the couch but seeing geet he falls on the groundLOL



chalen dada we are ready    


said geet standing in front of them


but all were so shocked to react seeing their little sis in this much revealing dressShockedOuch



Rishi’s mouth fell open and he was staring at her as if seeing her for the first time


Shivam look at him staring at his baby doll. He ran and put his both hands on rishi’s eyes


U idiot stop staring at herAngry


All came back to their senses


Bro lets go we are getting late said Geet getting confused with their behavior


Geet u r not going anywhere in these cloths said shivam getting angry



Geet was too shocked. No one ever get angry on her and especially on her birthday


She was going to cry any time but uv give a glair to shivam and said immediately


Princess this dress is not looking good plz change it


Par dada ye tu achhi lag rai he said geet checking herself again


Plzz princess mere liye bhi nai change kar sakti said UV


Now how could she not listen to her brother

Ok said geet running back to her room to change


They all took a relief breathTongue


Shivam gave an angry glair to shriya knowing that it was all her effortsAngry


After half an hour geet came down



 Now princess is looking like a princess said uv to chair her up


It’s better than before thought shivam giving a smile to geet but she look away showing that she is


angry with him


shivam give a puppy pleading look to uv asking for help


but uv shook his head saying he can’t


they all went from there to disc


precape : maneet face to face again


also added CS as u all are getting confused


hit like and comment and if u want to give suggestion than u r most welcome  

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UV: RISHI today i will kill u and start hitting hm and rishi starts



Rishi while runing : are yar Uv is me meri kya ghalti he . Mujhe thori na pata the k u didn’t wish hr yet .

He hide behind geet: geet yar tu mujhe pit ty hove dekh rai he bachana yar apne is rakhshas bhai se.


Uv: princess samne se hato aj tu is ki kher nai


Geet: dada maaf kardo na bichare ko ghalte ho gai age se nai ho gi.


Uv: ye or bechara iski tu me

And again try to hit hm


Geet: dada plz or apne mujhe wish b nai kiya.

Uv making sad face: ok


Geet: i love u

And kiss hs cheek


Uv smiles and hug hr: my cute little doll , happy birthday and love u to


Uv breaking hug

Ok let me meet hm atleast itne dino bad aya he let me hug hm.

He said this while giving a dadly glair to rishi and a cute smile to geet

While rishi was gulping hard and shaking hs head in denial


Geet : ok ap baat karo

And she went to meet hr brothers


Rishi try to run but Uv holds hm in a bone crushing hug and squiz hm hard

Rishi was unable to breath: uv. . . kya kar raha he . . .yar jaan le ga kya.?


Uv breaking the hug: beta tu mujhse tu bach gaya par tujhe princess se kon bachai ga?


Rishi: kya matlab?


Uv: wo tu tujhe abi pata chal jai ga


Uv came towards geet: princess u know rishi gets award for his last project, that is why he was gone to mumbai.

But why i m telling this to u tumhe tu isne sab se pehle bataya ho ga hena

Uv smirk knowing very well what is going to happen next and mouthed good luck to rishi.


Rishi cursed hm for ruining hs surprise and making it all worse


Amy to vicky: now rishi bhai is gone .


Geet goes towards hm and start hitting hm : u dhokebaz, donky , ullu, monkey , u said that u r going for personal work and this was ur personal work .

You kanjoos mujhe treat b nai di mujhe bataya b nai ehsaan faramosh mene kitni help ki thi tumhari os project me and u.. I hate u for this


Still wakcing his arm


Rishi: are geet me tu tujhe . . . OUCH. . surprise dena chahta tha par is uv ne sab bigar diya sorry. . . Ouch. . . sorry maaf karde yar plz

Geet still wacking hm: no


Rishi: sorry plz yar

Geet stop hitting hm and turn away still angry


Rishi: geet tu jo treat mange gi na me wo donga or tu chahe tu mujhe punishment b dede par plz maaf karde na.

Geet still angry


Uv came towards hr and said something in hr ear . She smile an evil smile and bichara rishi , he knows that he did a big mistake by asking punishment.


Geet : u want me to forgive u ?

Rishi nods hs head like a kid


Geet: then do sit ups


Rishi : WHAT!!!



Geet: yes or wo b yahan sab k samne


Rishi: geet if u forgot then let me remind u that i m Rishab Rajwansh the famous bussiness man and u want me to do sit ups wo b sab k samne yar meri reputation ka sawal he log kya kahen ge


Geet ignoring hs talks: 10 sit ups

Rishi : me nai karne wala


Geet: 15 sit ups

Rishi panic: geet no plz yar


Geet: 20 sit ups


Veer , amy and vicky came to hm


Veer: rishi time waste mat kar yar warna 100 tak phunch jai gi.


Amy: come on bro just 20 sit ups hi to hen


Vicky: yes bro wese b ye body shody kis din kam ai gi


Geet: 25 sit ups


Rishi: ok ok i will do it.


Geet : hold ur ears and do it


Rishi holds hs ears and start doing sit ups while uv and every one was enjoying and all the other people were giggling at hm.



After making lots of promises and doing extra work out (sit ups) geet finaly forgive hm



Maan reached hs mansion in paris which he bought reacently

He thought about the kiss and touche hs lips

He can still feel her soft petals on hs lips .

A smile covered hs M shaped lips


Maan: Geet i know u still love me agar tum mujhse pyaar nai karti tu mujhe ese apne pas na ane deti

But i know it will take time for u to bleave me, to bleave my love

Par me tumhe apne pyar ka yaqeen dila kar rahon ga and that is my promis to u.


Geet reached home


Geet: Mumma …. Mumma

Swati came and hug her tight and wish her: happy birthday angel

Geet receprocating her hug: thank u mumma and missed u so much

A voice came from behind: han han mujhe tu koi miss hi nai karta hena.

Geet: dad

Geet runs and hug hm tight and he to receprocate lovingly

Dad: kesa he mera bacha?

Geet: i m fine dad 

Dad : happy birthday bachha

Geet: thanks dad

they all sit in the living room 



pata he me wahan par bore ho gai thi or mene ap logo ko kitna miss kiya . Bro ne tu wahan. . . . . .

And she gose on speaking anything and everything while all the family members listen to hr enjoying hr talks.

After alot of talking they all bid gud night to each other and retired to there room.



Maan and geet meeting again

Maan without shirt

Party at the disco

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He just wanted to grab her and take hr away .

She was looking beautiful as well as cute , holding a big chocolate and nibling it like a school girl.


They came down and shivam instantly holds hr from hr waist in a protecting way , tagging hr to hmself and giving silent warning through hs looks to each and every boy or men to stay away from hs angel.


While maan’s whole body was in fire looking someone else touching hr like that.

He just wanted to rip the hand touching hr .


Maan st: how dare he touch hr . She is mine and only mine . Only i can touch hr.


Steev: sir u can see ,the girl in the coat there she is the princess and the boy holding hr is shivam raizada hr BROTHER


Maan st: thank god geet ka bhai he warna pata nahi me kya kar beth ta.

Maan u have gone totly insane.

U r here to wish hr 1st. Think something


Geet and friends were standing near the cafe and shivam had gone to complete the formalaties .

A waiter was passing by having a cup of coffe in hand and accidently he triped and the coffe fell on geet’s coat.


Geet: oh no

Waiter scared: i m so sorry mam wo a triped


Geet: its ok hota he

Hr guards came and grab hm

One of the Guard asked: mam r u ok


Geet: i m fine and leave hm it was just an accident.


Guard: but mam

Geet cuts hm : i said na let hm go

Manager also came: sorry mam . This idiot waiter


Geet: no ,its ok


Sia: geet go and wash it


Geet: ok i’ll be back in a minute

She went towards the ladies room so guards didn’t follow hr .


Maan watched hr going alone and get the parfect chance. He followed hr .


It was 11:55 only 5 mintes was remaining.


Uv was restless so he decided to go in .


Shivam came back


Shivam: shriya ye geet kahan he ?


Shriya: wo os k coad par coffe gir gai thi tu wo ladies room gai he.


Shivam st: lagta he aj geet k babaji b mere sath hen . Jitna late ho ga utna achha he .


Uv came there: where is geet ?


Shivam saw hm and thought: oh no babaji phir se dhoka de diya.

Ab tu pakka dada hi wish karen ge .


Sia: wo ladies room gai he. Bas ati hi ho gi.


In the ladies room


Luckly no one was there accept geet.

She was trying to remove the stain but it was getting more worse

She thinks something and then desided to remove the coat.

She was engrosed in hr coat and didn’ saw that maan came in and look the door behind .

He was staring at hr but she was to busy to notice anything.

He called hr


Maan: geet


Geet suddenly stop . Not beleaving hr ears.

She looks at the mirror and saw maan standing there .

She was shocked beyond limits just can’t beleave hr eyes .

She slowly touch the mirror but stop suddenly when she remember hs words .

She diverted hr gaze and try to leave but maan holds hr hand .



She snapped and said angrily : don’t touch me and who r u?


Maan expected hr to slap hm but here hs geet is not even recognizing hm.

This pained hs heart but he is also the MSK , who don’t know the meaning of loosing.


She tried to go again but this time he pined hr against the wall with hs whole body pressing on her’s and hs breath was faning on hr lips as they were mere inches apart.



She wriggled and try to move: leave me , what r u doing just let me go .


Maan: u wanted to know na who am i ? I m just answering u

The name is Maan Singh Khurana

And pack hr lips lightly .


The feeling was so good that he closed hs eyes to let the feel enter in hs soule and stay there forever.

She was shocked at hs act. Maan open hs eyes and saw hr shocked face .


She try to move again : mr khurana stay in ur limits and let me go .

Maan : it’s maan for u dear .

Geet : i don’t have any right to call u by name

Maan: yes u have .

Geet: mr khurana


Maan cuts hr in betweem

He was angry at hr for calling hm mr khurana again and again


Maan: geet call me maan


Geet: mr khurana


Maan: geet i m warning u for the last time call me maan or else


Geet: i m also warning u mr khu…

But hr words left in the mid as he smashed hs M shaped lips on hr petal ones

Her eyes pop out . She tried to push hm but he pined hr both hands above hr head and let hs whole body rest on hers.

He wanted to taste hr but she was not leting hm enter so finding no other option he slightly bite the corner of hr lips

She gasped and he got the chance and enter hr mouth tasting hr sweet flavour and relishing it.

Her protesting was getting week after all she loved hm once and she still loves hm but didn’t want to admit it.

She didn’t respond ,after all she was to shocked and surprise to respond.

He left hr totly breathless and look at hr closed eyes .

He saw the time it was 12:30

Hs lips move towards her ear

Maan:Happy Birhtday geet

And bite her ear lobe lightly .

He started to open the button of her coat and threw it away .

Hs breath cought in hs throught looking at her .


Maan: u look beautiful geet

Suddenly geet feels a cold metal touching hr ring finger .

Maan said nuzling hr neck : this is ur gift . I know my geet like simple things thats why i bought this ring for u.



Geet was having goosebums feeling hs breath on hr delicate skin and the way he was touching her left hr breathless.


Maan: now i have to go but i promis will meet u again and plz jaan don’t miss me to much .

He said teasingly and kiss on hr nose and left before anyone can see them togather


Geet was still standing against the wall don’t know what to do ?

Was maan really here or she was imagineing hm ?

If he is here then what he wants ? Why he came here ? Did he came for hr? If yes then why ? He was the one to threw her out of hs life then what he wants now?

She was busy in hr thoughts and didn’t notice the time.


On the other hand amy vicky and veer also came inside

Uv become tensed cause geet didn’t return till yet. So he send shriya to check on hr.

Shriya came to rest room and saw hr lost .


Shriya: lo gi ye madam tu yahan khoi hoi hen or wahan sab preshan ho rai hen . Geet chal yar late ho rai hen tu kar kya rai he.


Geet came back to hr senses: wo han ye daag ja hi nai raha tha tu isliye late ho gai chal chalte hen

She pick the coat which was thrown by maan and move out


Geet st: geet why r u thinking about hm. Just leave hm and enjoy ur life . U r happy without hm and u don’t need hm.


Geet still loves hm but didn’t want to accept it. She is afraid. Yes afraid , what if he hurts hr again . She lost the trust in love , on hr love . She wants to forgot the pain . She thought that if she forgot maan she can also get rid of the pain given by hm but she didn’t know that it will cause hr more pain . Only maan can take hr pain away because the person who have the ability to hurts u also have the ability to make u happy and only that person can take ur pain away who lives in ur heart. And maan still leaves in hr heart.


Uv and brothers saw hr coming they ran towards her but a loud voice stop them in there track


Voice: happy birthday geet


every one was rotted at there place and were fuming in anger seeing hm, just wanted

to kill hm write then and there



UV become angryand came towards hm and punch hm

hard in hs stomach

UV: RISHI today i will kill u

and start hitting hm and rishi starts runing



or nahi mile ga

my exams are starting from next month

will try to update in between

and plz pray for my exams

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Maan came out of hs thoughts by the announcement of reaching Paris.


He was very excited thinking that in some time he can see hs geet

Can breath in the same air in which she is breathing.

He already started to feel her near hm .

These feelings were making hs heart beat faster.


On the other hand the brothers are all set to wish her first.


Uv arrange vary tight security for geet and shivam throughout the airport.

Media people were also trying to get some glimps of the raizada’s and specially the Raizada Princess.


Uv reach the airport in full raizada style , with many guards surrounding hm

He was looking extreamly hot and dashing


Vicky and Amy were also not left behind. They reach the airport hidding from Uv’s eyes.


Vicky and Amy were hiding in a corner and keeping an eye on Uv and same time also looking for geet

They were wearing black glasses and were having big hats on their head . They were having news papers infront of their faces. Looking like aliens


Vicky: amy hum a tu gai hen lekin princess ko wish kese karen ge . Itni security he . we can’t reach hr without telling our identity but if we tell our idntity then dada will never let us wish hr 1st.

Amy: u stupdid just wait and watch jese hi princess ai gi we will show our idnetity so that guard won’t stop us and we will ran and wish hr

Or jab tak dada ko sab kuch samajh ai ga tab tak hum princess ko pehle wish kar choken hon ge. So simple is that


Vicky: par os k bad kya ho ga . Dada will kill us .

Amy : jo ho ga dekha jai ga . Princess ko wish karna he k nahi.

He ask hm frustatingly.

Vicky shook hs head positively

Amy : tu phir chop raho or han dada k ghusse se bachane k liye princess ho gi na so no tension.


On the other hand veer also reached airport and straightly went to uv

Veer:dada this is not fair

U always wish hr 1st by cheating.

Uv: every thing is fair in love and war and i love my princess . Pehly tu me hi wish karon ga

Veer making baby face: i know no one can win over u in this matter.

Wese ye amy or vicky kahi nazar nai a rahe . Where are these guys

Uv smirked: as usual hiding 4m me and trying to wish hr 1st

Veer: and as usual u are here to flop their plan.


Maan was still inside the plane . He was restless wanted to go out but they were not opening the gates and at last he shouted


Maan: what the hell is hapening here why u people are not letting us go.


Airhostess scared: sorry sir but we can’t let u go now there is a private jet and some special personality is here and due to the security reasons we r not allowed to let u go .

Hs anger grew more . They r stoping the MSK because of some mere people.

He imadiatly switch on hs phone and call the authorities to get permission and offcourse none can stop the MSK .

They open the door for hm and let hm go but he didn’t forgot to give an angry glair to the poor airhostess who was gulping hard and praying to god for hr job.

And maan was cursing hmself for not taking hs jet.


He came out and hs guards surrounds hm .

Hs manager steev came and great hm

Steev: welcome to Paris sir

Maan simply noded: hmm

Then he look arround and saw the hug number of guards and they all were runing here and there .

He asked

Maan: is there any problem here?

Steev: no sir this is all for the RAIZADA’S

Maan’s head shot up on the mansion of the name .

He look towards the jet and saw the logo RAIZADA’S.


In the jet geet was trying to free hrself 4m hr devil friends

Geet: just leave me yar or kitna ready karo ge mujhe

Shriya: uff geet tu kitna bolti he yar dekh sari lipstick kharab kardi .

Geet: oh god guys bahar sirf media he and u r making me ready as if i m going for a ramp walk.

Shriya: r u mad . U r the princess raizada so u should look like one ok

Sia : le ho gaya

Geet look at hrself in the mirror

She was wearing a yellow knee length dress with cream coloured long boots and having a small purse .

Looking like a sexy yet cute doll







Geet while looking at hrself: sia ye dress kuchh zada chhoti nai he

Sia: just shut up geet u r looking so beautiful in it

Geet: sachi.

Sia: muchi.

Tanu: geet inka bas chale tu tujhe sirf two piece me bahar bhej den ye dress tu phir b thori bari he

Shriya: tanu tu apni phati hoi jeans par consontrate kar .

Tanu: as u wish

Shivam came in : r u all ready .

Sia: yes absolutely

Geet: bro ye dekho in dono ne mil kar mujhe kya bana diya.

Shivam smiles and kiss hr forhead : my baby princess is looking so beautiful.

Geet making puppy face : i m not a baby

Shivam while pulling her cheeks: ok my grown up princess

Geet: bro mujhe bhook lagi he

Shivam: ok i’ll get a sandwich for u

Geet: no . Bro mujhe chocolate wali bhook lagi he

Shivam shook hs head smiling and give hr a big bar of dairymilk

Shivam: ab chalen dada wait kar rahe hon ge.

Geet: chalo

Shivam : wait geet,wear this coat or u will catch a cold .



geet smile and sia and sriya roll there eyes thinking he can never change .

cant see some one looking at her in wrong way specially when she is looking this beautiful,


Maan was still staring at the jet as if searching someone or should i say searching geet

Hs heart was beating faster as if he knows that hs source of life is near hm.

Steev brought hm back from hs thoughts

Steev: sir shell we move ?

Maan: hmm

Maan thought something and asked again: but this much security only for one person?


Steev: no sir not for one person its for shivam raizada and hs friends and specialy the PRINCESS RAIZADA.


Maan’s step halted at the place listening the piece of information.

hs geet is here , he was daing to meet hr


maan turn around and look at the door of the jet , just wanted to see her single glipmse

and the door become open

the sight infront of hm took hs breath away , hs angel , hs geet was desending down ,

He just wantedto grab her and take her away ,


precape :


person: happy birthday geet

every one was roted at there place

and were fuming in anger just wantedto kill hm writethe and there

UV came towards hm and punch hm hard in hs stomach



chalo bacha log

opsss sorry bare bacha log jaldi jaldi socho kisko punch kiya UV ne


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Geet , shivam and the friends took the private plane to Paris so that they can reach there before midnight.

In Delhi maan also took the flight to Paris so that he can see hs geet on her birthday and may be he can get a chance to wish her also.He sat in hs private plane and was thinking of the past time. The most horriable day .


Today their marriage completed one year .Geet thought: babaji today is our wedding anniversary. I know i m not worthy 4 maan , he is so perfect and i m nothing infront of hm but i love hm so much and i can’t live without hm . If i change myself according to hm then he will also love me hena babaji .Today i will plane a surprise 4 hm and will talk with hm.Then she pick up maan’s photo 4m side table and lovingly crease it Geet: maan i love u so much . Mujhe or kuchh nai chahiye i just want a small place in ur heart.

Maan was coming back 4m hs bussiness trip he didn’t remember that today is their anniversary but he has something in hs mind.Maan st: enough is enough now i can’t tolerate her any more. Akhir kab tak me ose bardasht karta rahon ga. She is nothing infront of me , i can’t spoil my whole life 4 her.I can get a far batter girl than her.Then he took out divorse papers 4m hs bagMaan st: today i will be free 4m this burden.

In khurana mansion geet is busy preparing a surprise 4 maan but she was unaware of one thing that today will be the most horrible day of her life.

She decorated the whole mansion with her own hands and prepare maan’s favourite dishes.

She was running 4m one corner of the mansion to other corner preparing anything and everything

Antra was seeing her running here and there . She went to her and hug her 4m behind and said keeping her chin on her shoulder

Antra: Di (she always call her di and not bhabhi cause geet also like it and they share a sisterly bond) Kuon itni tansion le rai ho ap, sab kuchh ek dum perfect he bilkul ap ki tarhan.

Geet: han han tere liye to me jo b karon wo perfect he .

she said it making a baby face.

Antra kiss her cheek cutely: kuo nahi my di is the best. U know bhai is so lucky to have u .

Antra saw that she is still tens so thought to do some musty. She broke the hug and took some flour in her hand

Antran :di ye apke face pe kya laga he

Geet touching her face : kahan ?

Antra : niche chin k pass ek minute me clean karti hon.

But insted of cleaning she apply the flour on her full face making her look like a white witch .

Geet : ho gaya ?

Antra: han di ho gaya.

Geet: tu ruk me bahar ki tayari dekh kar ati hon.

Saying this she came out of kitchen going towards dinning area , but stop in her track when she saw her face in the near by mirror

Geet screamed: ANTRA.!

Antra came out laughing like hell and holding her stomach.

Geet making baby angry face: ye sab tune kiya na ruk ja abi batati hon tujhe.

Then she start chasing antra all around the mansion

Antra while running: sorry sorry sorry di me tu mazaq kar rai thi.

And they keep on playing like this.

8 at night maan reach the mansion but he was shocked to see the hall decorated very beautifully . Then geet came 4m behind

Geet: maan

He turn around and look at her she was wearing an orange coloured sari looking very beautiful

Geet: ap heran he na ye sab dekh kar Me janti hon ap shayad thora ghussa b hon ge par maan aj jo baat me ap se kehne ja rai hon wo baat me os waqt se kehna chahti thi jab se mene ap ko pehli bar hamari engagment pe dekha tha par kabhi keh hi nai pai

Then she stop for a moment and took a deep breath

Maan was confuse listening to her talks. Her words were not making senses to hm.

Geet: maan

She called hm and he look in hr eyes may b for the 1st and last time.


Maan was shockedHe expect anything but not this

Geet came near hm and hold hs hand in hr hand: han maan me ap se bohot pyar karti hon par me ye b janti hon k ap mujhse pyar nai karte .

Then she hug hm and said

Geet:Par maan me ap k bagher nai reh sakti kya ap hamari shadi ko ek moqa nai de sakte ? Ap jo bolo ge me karon gi. Ap jese bolen ge me wese rahon gi par maan kya ap mujhe ek moqa nai de sakte .? Kya ap hamare rishte ko ek moqa nai de sakte .? Kya hum sari ..

Before she can complete hr words maan jerk hr away from hm and give a tight slap on hr face.Due to the intensity of the slape she fell on the floor and blood trickle down from the corner of hr lips . Only a pain full whisper came out of her mouth

Geet: maan

Maan: shut up and HOW DARE U touch me . Tumhari himmat kese hoi mujhe chhone k . I told u na stay away from me.

Then he holds hr arm harshly and make her stand on hr own feet.She hissed in pain due to hs hold but he was blind in hs anger to see hr pain.

Maan: u r nothing infront of me geet and u know u were right i don’t love u geet but I Hate u . Ye shadi mere liye sirf ek bojh he or tum bhi samjhi tum .

Then he left her with a jark and she stamble backward . Tears trickle down from her eyes listening to hs harsh words.

Maan: lekin ab or nahi ab me tumhe or is rishte ko bardasht nahi kar sakta.

He take out the divorce papers 4m hs bag and threw at hr face.

Maan ordered: sign it

Geet look at hm confuingly and lift the paper 4m the floor to take a clear view of it.A ghasped escape 4m her mouth seeing them. Fresh tears make their way out of hr hazel coloured eyes which were red due to hr continuous crying. She fel on hs feet and hold them and cry bitterly bagging and pleading hm

Geet: nahi maan . Plz esa mat kijiye mere sath, i’ll dia maan i’ll dai me ap k bagher nai reh sakti . Plz mujhe apne ap se dor mat kijiye me kuchh b karon gi agar ap kahen ge na tu me zindigi bhar ap ko apni shakal nai dikhaon gi par mujhe jete ji mat mariye maan . Ye geet apne maan k bina nahi reh pai gi .

Maan was so frustated and angry

Maan: geet apni bakwas band karo me janta hon tum ye sab is liye keh rai ho na k agar mene tumhe chhor diye tu mere sath sath meri sari dolat b tumhare haat se nikal jai gi, par tum fikar mat karo tumhe jitne pese chahiye me tumhe don ga u just sign the divorce papers

Geet look at hm painfully and shook hr head negatively

Maan: oh so u want more han geet dont worry.If u want a secure future i can understand . Don’t worry i have many friends they r handsome and rich also and if u want i can fix ur marriage with anyone of ur choice u just need to point ur finger. And if ur needs r not satisfied by th..

Geet yelled: BAS!!!!

She went totly blank , he thinks this low about her ,she can’t imagine it also and he said those words to hr. She wanted to slap hm for thinking these ridiculus things about hr but stop herself thinking that now she didn’t have any right to take hs name also then touching hm in any way is the most forbidden thing

She hold the papers and asked for pen

He pass the pen. He was looking at hr face but there was nothing just blankness . He was feeling something different today as if hs words are hurting hm . As if he is loosing something precious.But he shrug off hs thoughts.Geet sign the papers and handed over to hm

Geet : ye li jiye apne jesa kaha tha mene wesa hi kiya. Now u r free 4m this burden

She was blank , nothing can be seen on hr face . Nor pain nor sadness .She walk towards the stair when maan called hr 4m behind .

Maan: geet

She didn’t look behind

Maan: i will call the servant to clean the hall(indicating towards the decoration)and nakul will help u to shift ur blongings to outhouse as u don’t have any relation with me any moreWith that he left the mansion and geet left for the roow which is no more hers but they both r unvere of the fact that ANTRA was listening and seeing each and every thing.

Precape: same

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Geet was sitting on the sofa with

grumpy face ,folding her legs . She

was not talking with anyone and was

making bad and funny faces 4m past

one hour. Shivam was looking at her

while her friends have gone to bed not wanted to hear her cribing and


Geet: grrr i hate this weather , i hate

that stuped plane i also hate that pilot .

Khota . Ulu ka patha . Stuped . Idiot .

He can’t even fly a plane Dekhna babaji os ki kabhi bhali nai karen ge .

Shivam was looking at his cuty pai and

feeling pity for that pour pilot . God

knows how many more curses geet is

going to give hm.

Then geet look up : babaji me apse b bohot naraz hon . U know na how

much i was missing dada , champ ,

mom, dad , bhai and what u did . U

spoil the weather and we stuck here in

Maruitious ab or kitna intizar karna

pare ga . Then she throw the pilow which she

was holding and it landed directly on

shivam’s face.

Shivam cribe while looking up and

making baby face: geet k babaji bacha

lena plz aj zaror koi marne wala he. Then after almost gud 3 hours of

cursing and cribing , geet finally

retired to bed.

Shivam thought to check hs mail box

before goging to sleep so he take hs

lapy and started to check hs mails , there he saw so many mails 4m UV . He

open them and read

Mail 4m Uv: call me or else i will kill u

for sure.

Shivam gulp hard and switch on hs

phone imadiately and call Uv. Here in Paris UV is sitting in hs study

and trying to contact shivam 4m past 3

hours . He knows that he will not pick

hs calls in next 24 hours, so he sent

mails knowing very well that he has a

habbit to check hs mails before going to sleep.

Then he saw a call 4m shivam.

He took it imadiatly and start yelling

Uv : where the hell were u and why

were u not picking up my calls . I

know what r u trying to do but i swear i will kill u if u did that. I want u and

every one here before midnight

Shivam wanted to give some excuse

Shivam: but dada

Uv stop hm: and dare u make any lam

excuse And with that he cut the call.

Shivam: ab kya karon jana tu pare ga

wapas but dada this time i will win or

is bar tu babaji b mere sath hen.

With that he went to sleep after

conferming there flight 4 Paris which is after some hours and they r staying in

a hotel near the air port so it will take

only few minutes to reach there. Here in Paris after threatining shivam

Uv went for some meeting ( i don’t

know the time gape between Delhi,

Paris and Mauritious so it will all

depends upone my imagination or the

need of the story so in Mauritious it’s nearly 4 am . And in Paris it’s 1 pm and

in Delhi it’s almost 10 am. Remember

guyz it’s my imagination only.) but he

didn’t know that some one was

listening hs talk with shivam and that

is none other then vicky. After Uv left vicky ran to hs room

where amy was waiting 4 hm .

In the room

Amy :did u got any info

Vicky: yes i herd dada talking to bro

and he was saying to come back before midnight

Amy: that’s gud news . Hamara ada

kam tu ho gaya princess midnight se

pehle yahan ho gi bas ab kisi b tarhan

ose wish karna he wo b dada, bhai or

bro se pehle after all it’s her birthday. Vicky: par amy what if dada wish her

before us and wins like always.

Amy: no chance champ . This time we

will win . Precape: maan saw geet on the airport

Brothers wishing geet but who will

wish 1st socho socho

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