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Geet , shivam and the friends took the private plane to Paris so that they can reach there before midnight.

In Delhi maan also took the flight to Paris so that he can see hs geet on her birthday and may be he can get a chance to wish her also.He sat in hs private plane and was thinking of the past time. The most horriable day .


Today their marriage completed one year .Geet thought: babaji today is our wedding anniversary. I know i m not worthy 4 maan , he is so perfect and i m nothing infront of hm but i love hm so much and i can’t live without hm . If i change myself according to hm then he will also love me hena babaji .Today i will plane a surprise 4 hm and will talk with hm.Then she pick up maan’s photo 4m side table and lovingly crease it Geet: maan i love u so much . Mujhe or kuchh nai chahiye i just want a small place in ur heart.

Maan was coming back 4m hs bussiness trip he didn’t remember that today is their anniversary but he has something in hs mind.Maan st: enough is enough now i can’t tolerate her any more. Akhir kab tak me ose bardasht karta rahon ga. She is nothing infront of me , i can’t spoil my whole life 4 her.I can get a far batter girl than her.Then he took out divorse papers 4m hs bagMaan st: today i will be free 4m this burden.

In khurana mansion geet is busy preparing a surprise 4 maan but she was unaware of one thing that today will be the most horrible day of her life.

She decorated the whole mansion with her own hands and prepare maan’s favourite dishes.

She was running 4m one corner of the mansion to other corner preparing anything and everything

Antra was seeing her running here and there . She went to her and hug her 4m behind and said keeping her chin on her shoulder

Antra: Di (she always call her di and not bhabhi cause geet also like it and they share a sisterly bond) Kuon itni tansion le rai ho ap, sab kuchh ek dum perfect he bilkul ap ki tarhan.

Geet: han han tere liye to me jo b karon wo perfect he .

she said it making a baby face.

Antra kiss her cheek cutely: kuo nahi my di is the best. U know bhai is so lucky to have u .

Antra saw that she is still tens so thought to do some musty. She broke the hug and took some flour in her hand

Antran :di ye apke face pe kya laga he

Geet touching her face : kahan ?

Antra : niche chin k pass ek minute me clean karti hon.

But insted of cleaning she apply the flour on her full face making her look like a white witch .

Geet : ho gaya ?

Antra: han di ho gaya.

Geet: tu ruk me bahar ki tayari dekh kar ati hon.

Saying this she came out of kitchen going towards dinning area , but stop in her track when she saw her face in the near by mirror

Geet screamed: ANTRA.!

Antra came out laughing like hell and holding her stomach.

Geet making baby angry face: ye sab tune kiya na ruk ja abi batati hon tujhe.

Then she start chasing antra all around the mansion

Antra while running: sorry sorry sorry di me tu mazaq kar rai thi.

And they keep on playing like this.

8 at night maan reach the mansion but he was shocked to see the hall decorated very beautifully . Then geet came 4m behind

Geet: maan

He turn around and look at her she was wearing an orange coloured sari looking very beautiful

Geet: ap heran he na ye sab dekh kar Me janti hon ap shayad thora ghussa b hon ge par maan aj jo baat me ap se kehne ja rai hon wo baat me os waqt se kehna chahti thi jab se mene ap ko pehli bar hamari engagment pe dekha tha par kabhi keh hi nai pai

Then she stop for a moment and took a deep breath

Maan was confuse listening to her talks. Her words were not making senses to hm.

Geet: maan

She called hm and he look in hr eyes may b for the 1st and last time.


Maan was shockedHe expect anything but not this

Geet came near hm and hold hs hand in hr hand: han maan me ap se bohot pyar karti hon par me ye b janti hon k ap mujhse pyar nai karte .

Then she hug hm and said

Geet:Par maan me ap k bagher nai reh sakti kya ap hamari shadi ko ek moqa nai de sakte ? Ap jo bolo ge me karon gi. Ap jese bolen ge me wese rahon gi par maan kya ap mujhe ek moqa nai de sakte .? Kya ap hamare rishte ko ek moqa nai de sakte .? Kya hum sari ..

Before she can complete hr words maan jerk hr away from hm and give a tight slap on hr face.Due to the intensity of the slape she fell on the floor and blood trickle down from the corner of hr lips . Only a pain full whisper came out of her mouth

Geet: maan

Maan: shut up and HOW DARE U touch me . Tumhari himmat kese hoi mujhe chhone k . I told u na stay away from me.

Then he holds hr arm harshly and make her stand on hr own feet.She hissed in pain due to hs hold but he was blind in hs anger to see hr pain.

Maan: u r nothing infront of me geet and u know u were right i don’t love u geet but I Hate u . Ye shadi mere liye sirf ek bojh he or tum bhi samjhi tum .

Then he left her with a jark and she stamble backward . Tears trickle down from her eyes listening to hs harsh words.

Maan: lekin ab or nahi ab me tumhe or is rishte ko bardasht nahi kar sakta.

He take out the divorce papers 4m hs bag and threw at hr face.

Maan ordered: sign it

Geet look at hm confuingly and lift the paper 4m the floor to take a clear view of it.A ghasped escape 4m her mouth seeing them. Fresh tears make their way out of hr hazel coloured eyes which were red due to hr continuous crying. She fel on hs feet and hold them and cry bitterly bagging and pleading hm

Geet: nahi maan . Plz esa mat kijiye mere sath, i’ll dia maan i’ll dai me ap k bagher nai reh sakti . Plz mujhe apne ap se dor mat kijiye me kuchh b karon gi agar ap kahen ge na tu me zindigi bhar ap ko apni shakal nai dikhaon gi par mujhe jete ji mat mariye maan . Ye geet apne maan k bina nahi reh pai gi .

Maan was so frustated and angry

Maan: geet apni bakwas band karo me janta hon tum ye sab is liye keh rai ho na k agar mene tumhe chhor diye tu mere sath sath meri sari dolat b tumhare haat se nikal jai gi, par tum fikar mat karo tumhe jitne pese chahiye me tumhe don ga u just sign the divorce papers

Geet look at hm painfully and shook hr head negatively

Maan: oh so u want more han geet dont worry.If u want a secure future i can understand . Don’t worry i have many friends they r handsome and rich also and if u want i can fix ur marriage with anyone of ur choice u just need to point ur finger. And if ur needs r not satisfied by th..

Geet yelled: BAS!!!!

She went totly blank , he thinks this low about her ,she can’t imagine it also and he said those words to hr. She wanted to slap hm for thinking these ridiculus things about hr but stop herself thinking that now she didn’t have any right to take hs name also then touching hm in any way is the most forbidden thing

She hold the papers and asked for pen

He pass the pen. He was looking at hr face but there was nothing just blankness . He was feeling something different today as if hs words are hurting hm . As if he is loosing something precious.But he shrug off hs thoughts.Geet sign the papers and handed over to hm

Geet : ye li jiye apne jesa kaha tha mene wesa hi kiya. Now u r free 4m this burden

She was blank , nothing can be seen on hr face . Nor pain nor sadness .She walk towards the stair when maan called hr 4m behind .

Maan: geet

She didn’t look behind

Maan: i will call the servant to clean the hall(indicating towards the decoration)and nakul will help u to shift ur blongings to outhouse as u don’t have any relation with me any moreWith that he left the mansion and geet left for the roow which is no more hers but they both r unvere of the fact that ANTRA was listening and seeing each and every thing.

Precape: same


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Geet was sitting on the sofa with

grumpy face ,folding her legs . She

was not talking with anyone and was

making bad and funny faces 4m past

one hour. Shivam was looking at her

while her friends have gone to bed not wanted to hear her cribing and


Geet: grrr i hate this weather , i hate

that stuped plane i also hate that pilot .

Khota . Ulu ka patha . Stuped . Idiot .

He can’t even fly a plane Dekhna babaji os ki kabhi bhali nai karen ge .

Shivam was looking at his cuty pai and

feeling pity for that pour pilot . God

knows how many more curses geet is

going to give hm.

Then geet look up : babaji me apse b bohot naraz hon . U know na how

much i was missing dada , champ ,

mom, dad , bhai and what u did . U

spoil the weather and we stuck here in

Maruitious ab or kitna intizar karna

pare ga . Then she throw the pilow which she

was holding and it landed directly on

shivam’s face.

Shivam cribe while looking up and

making baby face: geet k babaji bacha

lena plz aj zaror koi marne wala he. Then after almost gud 3 hours of

cursing and cribing , geet finally

retired to bed.

Shivam thought to check hs mail box

before goging to sleep so he take hs

lapy and started to check hs mails , there he saw so many mails 4m UV . He

open them and read

Mail 4m Uv: call me or else i will kill u

for sure.

Shivam gulp hard and switch on hs

phone imadiately and call Uv. Here in Paris UV is sitting in hs study

and trying to contact shivam 4m past 3

hours . He knows that he will not pick

hs calls in next 24 hours, so he sent

mails knowing very well that he has a

habbit to check hs mails before going to sleep.

Then he saw a call 4m shivam.

He took it imadiatly and start yelling

Uv : where the hell were u and why

were u not picking up my calls . I

know what r u trying to do but i swear i will kill u if u did that. I want u and

every one here before midnight

Shivam wanted to give some excuse

Shivam: but dada

Uv stop hm: and dare u make any lam

excuse And with that he cut the call.

Shivam: ab kya karon jana tu pare ga

wapas but dada this time i will win or

is bar tu babaji b mere sath hen.

With that he went to sleep after

conferming there flight 4 Paris which is after some hours and they r staying in

a hotel near the air port so it will take

only few minutes to reach there. Here in Paris after threatining shivam

Uv went for some meeting ( i don’t

know the time gape between Delhi,

Paris and Mauritious so it will all

depends upone my imagination or the

need of the story so in Mauritious it’s nearly 4 am . And in Paris it’s 1 pm and

in Delhi it’s almost 10 am. Remember

guyz it’s my imagination only.) but he

didn’t know that some one was

listening hs talk with shivam and that

is none other then vicky. After Uv left vicky ran to hs room

where amy was waiting 4 hm .

In the room

Amy :did u got any info

Vicky: yes i herd dada talking to bro

and he was saying to come back before midnight

Amy: that’s gud news . Hamara ada

kam tu ho gaya princess midnight se

pehle yahan ho gi bas ab kisi b tarhan

ose wish karna he wo b dada, bhai or

bro se pehle after all it’s her birthday. Vicky: par amy what if dada wish her

before us and wins like always.

Amy: no chance champ . This time we

will win . Precape: maan saw geet on the airport

Brothers wishing geet but who will

wish 1st socho socho

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Mr patel:after some time he left 4 paris

but he always use to call his bro 4m

paris . He also change his name before

going to paris so that no one came to

know about his whereabouts except

his brother. Maan was listening to him very

carefully and trying to understand that

how it is connected to geet

Mr patel:mr Khurana do u know Mr

Avinash Raizada ?

Maan asked after thinking for some time : the famous bussiness man 4m

paris isn’t it?

Mr Patel: yes the one who ruled

bussiness world in Paris.

Maan: offcourse i do . He is a big name

in international market. But why are u asking this?

Mr Patel: because mr avinash raizada

and mr rajeeve raizada are same

Maan: WHAT!!!

He rose 4m hs chair with a jark and no

word came out of his mouth except WHAT.

Mr Patel: relax mr Khurana there is

more to come

He sat back on hs chair wondring

what more secrets are going to reveel

infront of him in a day. Mr Patel continues: as u know that mr

avinash has no daughter only 5 sons

that is why may be he loves geet more

then her own parents . When geet’s

parents died in an accident after some

time of ur marriage , he was very tens cause he was unable to cotact hs

brother randeep and he also did not

know about hs death , he was unable

to get any info about hs bro so he

send hs eldest son Youvraj Raizada to

Delhi to see them and u know it was the same time when ur wife leave the

house .

Maan’s brain instantly start working :

so u have a dought that youvraj take

geet with him to Paris?

Mr Patel smile slightly : no Mr Khurana Maan frustatingly: if u don’t have any

dought then what do u want to say ?

Mr Patel: i don’t have any dought but i

m 100% sure that geet is in Paris with

them .

Maan:and how can u be so suere? Mr Patel took out a news paper 4m hs

bag and show it to maan .

Maan’s eyes widen in shock to see the

picture of his geet with Avinash

Raizada .

Mr Patel: lt is a Paris news paper and this picture is taken nearly 2 month

ago in a charity show where Mr

Avinash was invited as a cheif guest .

And there he introduce geet as

princess Raizada . whole paris knows

her as princess raizada . Very few people are allowed near her or can

talk with her because of her over

potective brothers.

My 2 mens were nearly killed because

they were trying to talk with her.

Maan was very happy to know about hs geet and most importantly he is

seeing her picture . Although he has

many pictures of geet but this is


After some time Mr Patel took leave 4m

him. Maan was still gazing her picture and

creassing it as if trying to feel her soft

smooth skin under hs rough palms.

Then he call adi in hs cabin

Adi: u called me sir.

Maan: Adi fix my meeting with Raizadas and book my ticket 4 Paris. I

m going there tomorrow . Adi wanted

to say something but them thought to

remain quite and do as he had said to


After adi left maan again take the news paper and said looking at her

picture : i m coming geet to take u

back Precap: brothers fitting but why?

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