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a big sorry to all 4 my sudden gayab My computer get virus 3rd time in week cause of my bros stupid game and now dad is hell angry and he is not gating it repair till eid after that may be or may be not So cant send pms and attach photos nor can give a big update will update through cell now here is the updatE

maan woke up in the morning and went for his tai chi practis

After that he got ready for office as fast as he can ,

just wanted to reach the office to get some info about his love

he was so excited to know where is she ? how is she ?

He enter in his office in totlly MSK stylewith his body guards following him

He enter in his cabin and call adi

Adi:g..ggud morning sssir

(lolz maanko dekh kar larkiyon ki sans band ho jati he or adi ki awaaz poor fellow)

M: adi meri aj ki sari meetings cancel kardo and don’t disturb me 4 anything

Adi: par sssir(but stop seeing maanglaring at him

Adi:sssorry sir

M:u may go now and when mr. Patelcame then inform me

Adi: ok sir

After some time mr Patel came andAdi send him to maan’s cabin aftertaking his permission.

Mr patel enter in his cabin and greet him

Mr patel : gud morning mr Khurana

M:gud morning mr Patel

Mr Patel :mr khurana as u said us tosearch ur wife we did our best and afterchecking ur wife’s family history we can guess where she can be.

As u know mr balwindar raizada(darji)has a son mr randeep raizada as in urFIL and the only son but this is not true

Maan was confused :what do u mean ?

Mr Patel:i mean to say that mr balwinder had 2 sons randeep and rajeev

.Maan : but how it can be they never talkabout him also

Mr Patel: there is a reason behaind italso mr balwindar send his son rajeevto mumbai 4 studies and there he fell in love with a girl named swati dikshit

she was an orphan and mr balwindarwants rajeev to marry in family so herefuse to accept their relation

but rajeev was to much in love with swati so hemarred her against hs family’s will.

When mr balwindar came to knowabout it he broke hs every tai withrajeev

Maan was shocked a little :but how it is connected to geet?

Mr Patel : i know u will ask this question . When randeep get married and geet born he left his home and came to live in delhi 4 hs job .

He love hs brother rajeev but was unable to meet him in village but after coming to delhi he started to meet his bro and talk to him some times .

After some years rajeev left 4 paris.

Precape: maan: geet i m coming to take u back


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