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Maan came back to his room . it was 10 o,clock now ,no one is at the mansion,

after geet left Antra become very angry and left the house . now she is living in outhouse . she only came at mansion when he is not around

no one is here to care for him . only geet use to care for him , his breakfast , his lunch , his dinner , his cloths , in fact his every need. and what he did , always threw harsh words on her instead of showering her with love.

but she never said anything , just listen to his harsh words quietly and shower her unconditional love on him .

no one is here to care for him . no one cares if he eats or not . no one care if he was having fever or headache.

his thoughts were broken because of the ring of his cell . he wonders , who is calling him this late at night. he saw , it was his detective .

he pick up the phone .

Maan : bolo

D: hello Mr. khurana .

Maan: did u find something about her ? (he directly came to the point )

D: yes Mr. khurana . wese apki kahi har jaga or har insaan se pochha , lekin kuchh pata nai chala .

Maan become angry : what do u mean kuchh pata nai chala .? itna time beet choka he or ab tak tum log kuchh bhi pata nai laga pai ,

akhir ja kahan sakti he wo ? ( he was yelling on phone )

D : relax mr. khurana  , humen lagta he hum sab ghalat jaga dhond rai hen .

Maan : matlab kya he tumhara

D : mr. khurana , humne mrs. khurana ki family ki pori history check ki he or humen pora yaqeen he k jo kuchh bhi humne pata lagaya he

os se bohot jald hum maam ko dhond len ge .

he was happy listening to the news that he will find his geet very soon

: mr. khurana ab tak humen jitni information mili he wo apko kal subha tak mil jai gi .

Maan : ok ( and he cuts the call )

he changed his suit and went to bed , just wanted the morning to come fast . so that he could get some information about his geet .

while in Mauritius 

the sun was sating down and orange and red raise were emerging out of the sea . it was a divine sight to watch

Geet was standing near the shore of the sea and watching the beauty of the nature . she was wearing an of shoulder black top  with white knee length jeans,simple black sandals and casual bracelet. her curly hair were open and reaching till her waist .

water of the sea was coming and touching her feet

shivam came from behind

Shivam : princess , what r u doing here alone ?

she was lost in her thoughts

Geet : is pani ko dekh rai hon

pata he ye pani bilkul hamari khoshiyon ki tarhan hota he . achanak se ata he humen chhota , par jab

hum ese pakarne ya is k pass jane ki koshish karte hen tu ye humse bohot dor chala jata he .

bilkul hamari khoshiyon ki tarhan , jo kabhi hamare haat nai ati

by seeing her lost expressions . he knows that she is thinking about her past

but before he can say something Tanu and Shriya came there .

Tanu : are geet tu is karele k sath kya kar rai hen . chal kuchh khate hen , mujhe tu bohot bhook lag rai he

geet came back to her senses

geet : chal , mujhe bhi bohat bhok lag rai he . phir thori der me airport k liye bhi nikalna he

tanu and geet went away from there

shivam saw her smiling from far but he knows that in some corner of her heart she is still feeling the pain of love

he knows that she is smiling cause she don’t want her brothers to  become sad by seeing her sad

Shivam to Shriya : me chah kar bhi os ki yadon se wo dard bhare pal mita nai sakta . kitni koshish ki hum sabne par phir bhi

kahin na kahin hum chok gai hen ose khosh rakhne me

Shriya put her hand on his shoulder : tum esa kuon keh rai ho . ?

yum log kahin nai choke ho . kitna farq he pehle wali geet me or is geet me

ab tu geet pehle k tarhan chop chop bhi nai rehti he  . hum sab k sath hasti he baten karti he or mujhe pata he k ye sab tum logon k pyaar or care ka result he .

mujhe abhi bhi yad he os ko os k shell se bahar nikalne k liye tum logon ne kya kya nai kiya.

dada ose apne sath office le jane k liye kitne bahane banate the


GEET was sitting near the window looking out of it

UV came there:princess i need ur help.

(he said this faking tension)

Geet : kya hova dada ap itna pareshan kuon lag rai hen or meri kya help chahiye ?

UV: princess bohot bari problem ho gai he ,mujhe abhi ek bohot important meeting me jana he or meri assistant ki tabiyat bohot kharab ho gai he

Geet : par dada is me main apki kya help kar sakti hon?

UV: princess kya tum mere sath meeting me chalo gi plz

geet wanted to denia it but she don’t know how to do it cause she can’t say no to her dada

uv felt her denial :princess dekho main janta hon tum yehi kaho gi na k tumhe kuchh pata hi nai he business k bare me. par don’t worry main hon na, main tumhe sab kuchh samjha don ga. par plz don’t say no princess.mujhe tumhari help ki bohot zarorat he . warna ye deal hat se nikal jai gi

Geet :par dada Armaan or Vicky bro bhi..

UV cut her in between: un dono duffers ko le kar gaya na tu i m sure i will loose the deal

now she can’t say no to him

Geet : ok dada main bas abhi ready ho kar ati hon

UV: thik he princess man niche tumhara intezaar karta hon

UV came out of her room and thought :sorry princess mene tumse jhoot bola but i know tumhe wapas lane k liye tumhe busy rakhna zada zaroori he

take tum purani batoon ko yad na karo


shriya: or tum , tum ose kisi na kisi bahane se apne saath concert ki rehearsals par le jate the

or Armaan wo ose apni bick races par le kar jata tha . ye keh kar k she is his lucky charm or agar geet nai ai gi tu wo race har jai ga

. vicky bhi tu stupid pranks play karta tha . sirf geet ko hasane k liye and mom and sia they always took her to parlour and shopping

kitna larte the tum sab ose bahar lejane k liye


Geet was sitting on the sofa and was reading a book

UV came there : princess jaldi karo meeting k liye late ho rai hen

GEET : jee dada

shivam came there

Shivam : pari tum abhi tak ready nai  hoi , bhool gai kya aj rehearsal par jana he

Geet : par bro…

before she can say anything further Mom came there

Mom : oh baby chalo chalo aj hamari designer k sath appointment me , late ho rai hen

geet become really confuse

geet : mom me wo ….

UV didn’t let her complete her sentence

UV : mom , shivam , geet mere sath ja rai he .. hena geet

geet : han wo main ..

shivam : sorry bro but pari is coming with me kuon pari ?

mom : no ways she is coming with me and that is final chalo baby lets go

uv : no mom pehle mene kaha tha isliye wo mere sath jai gi

shivam : no she is coming with me

mom: no mere sath jai gi

uv : mere sath jai gi

shivam : nai mere sath

mom : mere sath

uv : mere sath

and all the while geet was looking from one face to another in total confusion

suddenly a voice came from behind

voice : wo kisi k sath nai jai gi . sirf mere sath jai gi

all heads turn towards the direction of the voice

uv : dad ! ap Italy se kab wapas ai

uv hug him

dad : bas abhi abhi

geet came running to him and hug him tight he too reciprocate the hug

geet : dad i missed u so much

dad : mene bhi apni princess ko bohot miss kiya

then he turns towards all of them and said

dad : princess aj sirf mere sath bahar jai gi cause main itne dino baad os se mila hon

they all try to protest but he said

dad : no more discussion

lets go princess tumse bohot sari baten bhi karni hen

and he took her upstairs


shivam smiled thinking about their silly fights over geet

shivam : geet ne kabhi os insaan ka naam nai bataya jis ne ose itni takleef di or na hi humne kabhi pata lagane ki koshish ki

kuon k geet nai chahti thi. pehly mujhe os insaan par bohot ghussa ata tha par ab taras ata he ye soch kar k GOD ne ose ek angel di

lekin os ki kismat hi kharab thi , isliye osne geet jesi angel ki qadar nai ki

he was very serious so to change his mood , shriya came up with a mischievous idea

she smirk and push him very hard

he was not ready for the sudden attack (lolz)

so he fell in the water

shriya started to laugh

shivam stands up all wet and angry : u jungli billi ye tumne kya kiya

subha mujh par pani dala tha or ab mujhe pani me daal diya . ab tu tum nai bacho gi

shriya ran from there and he chase her

late at night they all took the Private jet and reach Paris in the morning

precape : geet’s family history


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thanks to all for liking this story and commenting on it

love u all


He just hug her from back ane spins her around and said aloud

Maan: happy birthday sweety

poor Dash ,he become scared and jump from the girl’s hand and ran from there . The girl also become scared ane shock at the same time cause of the sudden hug . She screamed

Girl: ahhhhhhh…….

Then maan put her down and said

Maan: relax sweety it’s me.

Girl calm down a bit and asked shockingly

Girl:app ,.. What are u doing hear ? Ap tu Dubai gai the na tu phir …

She was clearly not liking his presence

Maan: tumhara b.day the isliye me jaldi a gaya

Then he gave her the gift he bought for her .

Maan: this is 4 u .

She didn’t take that and said tauntingly

Girl: MSK and bought gift 4 someone? That’s something unusual.

I m sorry mr khurana meri b.day k wajah se ap ka time wast ho gaya or apko itni important deal ko chhor kar Dubai se yahan ana para .

Then she stop and act like thinking something and then said.

Girl: ummm… Par mr khurana ap ko ye sab karne k kya zarorat thi?

Maan stood there shocked and tounge tide cause he knew he deserves this. What he had done is not so easy to forgive.

He didn’t said anything so she continue

Girl: i m sorry to say mr. Khurana me ap k gift nai le sakti wo kya he na me STRANGERS se koi cheez nai leti.

Maan was shocked listening to this and sadly said

Maan: y u r saying like this ANTRA? I m not a stranger to u. I m ur brother. U know how much i love u and…she cuts him in between

Antra: plz mr khurana jis word k matlab b apko pata nai he ose use mat kijiye or han mujhe bar bar yad dilane ki zarorat nai he k me ap jese insaan ki behan hon. Ap ki wajah se geet bhabhi ghar chhor kar chali gai, i lost my bhabhi cause of u , she was more then an elder sister to me, how can i forgive u that easily, i saw my bhabhi crying like made for a persone like u , she was bagging u to not to do this with her,

(She hold his collar and shak him)

Antra: this was the same place na where u were standing and my bhabhi were holding ur feet and pleading u to not to

leave her like that,

(She jerk him away)

Antra: but u ignore her pleading and bagging and threw her out of ur life

(She was screaming at the top of her lungs and tears were pouring out from her eyes continuously)

He closed his eyes in pain

Oh how much he hate himself for doing this to geet , for becoming the reason his sister’s tears , he was regretting every moment of his life, he wanted to dai for distroying the happines of his family.., the family which love him dearly and he care a dam for them.

Maan: antra me janta hon mene bohot bari ghalti ki he nai shayad ghalti nai gunah kiya he par me apni gunah ki saza b

bhogat raha hon or mene geet k sath jo bhi kiya os ko jitni takleef di …..( He closed his eyes in pain)….. Me apni ghalti

sudharne k liye kuch b karne ko tayar hon …. Bas ek bar mujhe geet mil jai phir me sab kuchh thik kardon ga.

Antra : sab kuchh thik kar den ge ap ? Han . Kese thik karen ge? han kese ?

(She was shouting and crying like hell)

Kya ap ko ye pata he geet bhabhi kahan hen ? Kis hal me hen ? Han . Jawab dijiye ..

He dip his head in shame

The MSK unable to find someone who is very important to him . Shame on him…. But the next set of word scare the hell out of him and also shot up his anger level

Antra: kya ap ko ye b pata he k wo zinda hen ya mar gain?

Maan: ANTRA…. Bas bohot ho gaya ab ek shabd or nai kaho gi tum. …. ESA KABHI NAI HO SAKTA . MERI GEET KABHI MUJHE ITNI BARI SAZA NAI DE SAKTI . Me kabhi ose apne ap se itna dor nai jane don ga , opar wale k chahne par b nai. Wo sirf MERI HE . SIRF MERI . Samjhi tum or ose mujh se chhene ka haq kisi ko b nai he . khod geet ko b nai… me ose dhond kar hi rahon ga chahe is k liye mujhe zameen asmaan hi kuo na ek karna pare

With that he leave for his room

Antra st: kash bhai apko apne is pyar k ehsaas pehle ho jata tu aj ap itne tanha na hote . Sorry bhai par jc tak bhabhi ap ko maaf nai kar detin or ghar wapas nai a jatin me apko maaf nai kar sakti.

She also left for her room

While in maan’s room he was very angry and passing from one corner to other

Maan st: nai esa nai ho sakta . me janta hon meri geet jahan bhi he thik he ose kuchh nai ho sakta lekin agar sach me ose kuchh ……. NAHI stop it maan … stop thinking all nonsense

just then his eyes fell on red roses which he bought for HIS LADY LOVE his geet .

a sweet smile touched his lips and he know how to calm his senses . he took them and the neck piece which he bought for her and headed towards his desired and post precious place inside the mansion … his and geet’s room .their room

He entered their room

The whole room was filled with geet’s pics and her things

her sindoor box still half open, was placed on the dressing table the way she left , her bindi still stuck on the mirror , her bangals , her payal , her mangulsutr. Every thing was in the same way she left

He put the roses on bed and gose near to a big wall size pic of geet ,

he crease her face so lovingly as if touching her in real

Maan: geet ,jaan c i bought these roses 4 u . I know u luv roses cause u told me that day

He went back to the day when he came to know that she love roses


their marriage was an arranged marriage . he didn’t want to marry her cause she was from a middle class family and according to maan it will ruin his so called reputation, but dadi convinced him by using the language he understand .. yes the language of profit and loss . cause life was a profit and loss statement for him . he always do things in which he found profit .. so dadi used this and said that she will transfer the whole khurana property on his name if he marry geet … dadi knows that geet is the only girl who can make maan’s life beautiful by her love

so they got married but maan was always busy in his business and never gave time to her . so one day dadi send geet with maan in one of his clients party . he was not ready to take her but then he had to take her cause of dadi

. when they reached the party he got busy with his clients and she became bored so she went to the garden and started to enjoy the view of beantiful flowers

suddenly her eyes fell on some red roses .. she love roses very much so she goes near them to pluck them but maan came their and stop her

Maan: what r u doing geet

he ask angrily

Geet: maan see .kitne khobsurat roses he na . u know maan i love roses . so i was going to pluck them and …

he cut her in between and said angrily

Maan : shut up geet .(she become scared ) tumhara dimagh kharab ho gaya he kya . i know u r 4m a middle class family par har jaga ye dekhana zarori he kya ..? for god sake geet sara media yahan par he agar kisi ne tumhe roses pluck karte hoi dekh liya tu kya soche ga geet . that is why i didn’t want u to come with me  … and by the way i hate roses so dare u touch them again

he said very rudely and left the place leaving a teary geet behind

Geet: y babaji ? y he hates me so much? y can’t he see my love . i know he don’t love me but i love him 4m the time i saw him . i want my maan to love me the way i love him . but i know it will never happen

with that she also left after cleaning her face

he came back to the present , his eyes were moist

Maan: Plz geet come back , come back to me ,m sorry , sorry 4 every thing. i love u geet plz wapas a jao … tumhara maan tumhare bina bilkul akela ho gaya he geet

i promise i will never ever hurt u again . just give me one chance geet i will prove that to u

he kissed her pic then went back to his room after looking their room

Antra Singh Khurana

age 19 . maan’s younger sister . loves geet and maan very much but very angry with maan cause he hurts geet

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8:00 pm


Raizada Mansion


Amy, vicky, veer , swati , avinash, and UV were sitting in the dining hall having their diner

while amy and vicky were playing with there food . Seeing their sad faces Uv asked

Uv:what happend ? Y r u guys looking so sad like someone had snatch ur chocolates?

Listening to this avinash , veer and swati started to laugh and amy and vicky make pouting faces

Amy: dada this is all because of u . Amy said this while making angry face

Vicky: yes dada …..amy is right v r said cause of u . How could u do this to us ?

Veer to vicky: oy nautanki sidhe se batana baat kya he ? Drama mat kar.

Swati: me batati hon ? They r missing GEETand i m too missing her . Kya zarorat thi Uv ose ek hafte k liye Mauritius bhejne ki or agar bhejana bhi tha tu akele Q bheja hum sab bhi chalte na os k sath. My baby pata nahi koi os k khane pine ka dhyan rakhta bhi ho ga ya nai. She said that while making sad face.

Listening to this Uv said

Uv: mom u too.? In dono ko tu or koi kam nai he lekin ap tu samajhne ki koshish kijiye

Swati: lekin beta wo wahan akele

Uv cut her in between.

Uv: mom wo picnic pe gai he akeli kahan he  sia or shriya bhi tu sath he na tu phir ap chinta kuo kar rai hen wo os ka achhe se khayal rakhen gi

Swati: wo tu thik he beta lekin tum tu ose jante ho na jab tak koi ose pakar kar na khilai wo nai khai gi or wahan ghumne pherne me tu khana khana bhi bhol jai gi .tum ek bar sia se phone kar k pochho na k osne khana khaya ya nai or oski tabiyat tu thik he na?

Uv : mom ap ko kya lagta he wahan meri princess bhoki ho gi or me yahan beth kar aram se khana kha paon ga ….NO mom mene abhi abhi sia se baat ki he or osne geet ko khana khila diya he so chill mom .don’t take tension wo thik he hum

swati noded her head and start eating again

Avinash: UV when is shivam coming back from USA or os ka concert khatam hova?

UV:dad osne apna USA ka cocert cancel kar diya tha .UV said casually eating his dinner.

Avinash : WHAT tu is ka matlab wo USA nai gaya tu phir pichhle teen din se wo kahan he or ghar Q nai aya

UV: dad wo Mauritius gaya he concert k liye

everyones head shot up and they stop eating

Avinash : oh tu isliye sahab zade ne USA ka concert cancel kiya ?

UV: yes dad wese tu shriya ose ane nai deti only girls trip hena .isliye wo concert ka bahana bana kar chala gaya apni pari k sath

now this is enough for amy . he stood up and said angrily

Amy: that’s it . dada ,dad….. me and vicky are also going there and that shriya .grrr this time i m going to kill her for sure

how could she hum dono ko trip se bahar kar diya or bro ko le gai .ab hum kisi ki nai sune ge , hum dono bhi ja rai hen and that is FINAL!……

UV: Tu ruka kisne he ? jao tum dono bhi jao or ja kar shivam ki tarhan larkiyon ki maar khao and u know what YOUR TANU is also there so go on and have fun ….. with that he started to leave but stop and said

UV:one more thing , Don’t forgot to take YOUR PILLOW AND BLANKET cause u r going to need that

amy and vicky look at him confusingly with WHAT IS THAT FOR look . UV understood their look and said

UV :wo kya hena shivam lounge me sota he as a punishment tu wahan tu jaga ho gi nai tu tum dono ko to bahar beach par sona pare ga as a bigger punishment or wahan par thand hoti he na ….he said that while smirking and left for his study

while in the dining hall avinash , swati and veer started to laugh on their plight and amy and vicky make baby angry face ………………


7:00 AM morning

Raizada’s Private Beach house 

beach house

Geet’s Room

geet was sleeping in her room with a beautiful smile on her face but suddenly some noises started to irritate her , first she tries to ignore but as the time passes by the noises become louder , she put the pillow on her ears to get some sleep but the noises are hell bent on waking her up . she rose up and through the pillow on the ground irritatedly and started her cribbing sation with her babaji

Geet : babaji kon he ye . jo subha subha apki bachi ki neend kharab kar raha he

ab koi sakoon se so bhi nai sakta . zaroor ye wo shriya ho gi , phir bro k sath lar rai ho gi . in dono ko na or koi kaam hi nai he bas har waqt larte rehte han . kabhi kabhi tu mujhe lagta he k ye romance se zada jhagra karte hen or bro bhi na pehle larte hen or phir ose manane k liye os k pichhe pichhe ghumte hen … she said that while frowning then she stop and smile a little and then said

Geet : par jab wo naraz hoti he or bro ose dher sare gifts and roses de kar manate hen tu kitna achha lagta he or kabhi kabhi tu os k liye gana bhi gate hen how sweet na …..

suddenly she remembered something and a tear drop fell fro her right eye

and she said sadly smiling

Geet: par maan ne tu mujhe kabhi manaya hi nai , on k paas tu time hi nai tha ye dekhne k liye k me naraz hon .. gifts or roses tu door ki baat he

she was bussy in her thinking when noise of shattering glass came from outside her room and she came out of her thoughts and start moving out of her room

while some minutes before in the hall

Shivam was sleeping on the couch calmly someone started to call him  . he ignore and tried to sleep again when the voice become louder . he open his one eye and saw shriya standing infront of him .

he once again ignore her and went back to sleep .it angered her and she pour a glass full of ice coold water on him .

he screamed and sat up and shout on her angrily…

Shivam : what the hell?

Shriya : excuse me ! this is not hell ,this is Mauritius . demag tu pehle hi kharab tha tumhara ab ankhen bhi kharab ho gai hen . kumbkaran(sorry agar name me mistake ho)

Shivam : just shut up … tumhari himat kese hoi mujh par  , THE SR par pani dalne ki , tumne ye kiya kese ? he said angrily ..

shriya smark and said

Shriya : isme konsi bari baat he, abhi batati hon .

she said and grab a jug of ice cold water from side table and threw the water on his face

he screamed again

Shivam:ahhhhhhhhh .………… u jungli bili tumne phir se mujh par pani pheka . ? how dare u .. me tumhara BF hon tum esa kese kar sakti ho? he shouted on her angrily

she again smirked and pour the remaining water from the jug on his head

he took the jug from her hand and threw it on the ground and it shattered in to pieces . listening to the noise geet tanu and sia came out of their room and saw the scene

Shivam; tumne ye Q kiya ?

Shriya: tumne hi pochha tha k mene ye kese kiya ? isliye mene tumhe demo de diya ..

Shivam :U……….

Shriya : me kya han me kya? ab zada bolo mat or ja kar mere liye nashta banao . mujhe bhook lagi he ?

Shivam : excuse me i m not ur servant …

Shriya: yes u r .. u gate crash our picnic now u r our servant so go and make breakfast for us

Shivam: i won’t

Shriya : u will

Shivam: i won’t

Shriya: u will

Shivam: i won’t

Shriya : u will

Geet,Sia, and Tanu : enough

Geet : bro shriya ap dono k jhagre ki wajha se meri neend kharab ho gai …

she said making baby face

Shivam said feeling guilty : sorry princess …

Shriya : lo ji dono bhen bhai ek jese nikle .kumbkarans

geet made an O face while shivam said angrily

Shivam: don’t call my baby kumbkaran …. u jungli billi

Sia : plz guys bus karo … subha subha shoro ho gai

Tanu : kya sia Q roka kitna maza a raha tha … thori der or chalne deti na ye tom and jerry show…….. wese bhi me tu bore ho gai hon ..soch rai hon kal wapas chali jaon . picnic ka maza tu wese bhi is karve karele ne kharab kar diy he

listening to this shriya started to laugh and shivam give her an angry glare

Geet said making sad face : yes bro i was also thinking the same … mujhe dada or baqi sab ki yad a rai he or sab k bina maza bhi nai ata

seeing her sad face shivam went near her and hug her and said : ok princess as u wish . hum sab kal hi wapas jain ge ok

Geet said smiling: ok .. but bro don’t tell anyone that we r coming back … it will be a surprise for them

Shivam : ok … now go and start packing .. i’ll make arrangements ….

saying this he goes to make arrangements and everyone else start packing ….



shopping mall

A hot and handsome man , wearing formal office wear going towards ladies jewelery shop .. when he enter the shop the shop keeper greet him

SK: HELLO  Mr.Khurana . ur order is ready lekin apne takleef kuon ki … me a jata

Maan : no it’s ok … ye order special he isliye me khod aya hon … now can i see my order

he just came now from DUBAI after signing a deal and instead of going home he came to shop forSOMEONE SPECIAL 

SK: sure sir just a moment

SK bring a heart shape pendent and a necklace

he smiles and said to gift wrap it

he was standing at the counter and waiting for the gift when his eyes fell on a beautiful neck piece

and his thoughts only went to HIS LADY LOVE .he start imaging the neck piece on HER neck and a beautiful smile appear on his M shaped lips

The SK came and handed over his gift to him . he stop the SK and said

Maan : pack that also

Sk: ok sir

Sk handed over his order to him . Maan took his order and haded towards KHURANA MANSION

his car stop at a signal and he saw a little boy having lots of red roses in his both hands .Seeing the red roses he called his guard ,gave him money and ask him to buy all the roses from the boy . guard bought the roses and handed over to him . he took them and haded to KM . his car stop at the entrance of KM . he was very happy and excited . he took all gifts and went in the mension

KM(khurana mansion)

he went to his room , keep the gifts on bed and freshen up . after that he took the gifts and haded down stairs

he came in to the lounge and saw a girl facing her back towards him . she was wearing a blue denim jeans with pink half sleeves top ,Her curly hair falling till her shoulders , her white skin complimenting her pink top, she was looking gorgeous  she was holding a very cute puppy in her hand and playing with him.

Dash or D

maan smile on her cuteness and went near her . he just hug her from back and spin her around and said aloud HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETY

OR NAI MILE GA hehehe 

ghalat jaga rok diya kya …. ? chalo chalo ab jaldi jaldi socho kon he ye SWEETY 

geet tu MAURITIUS me he then who is she ? with curly hair , white skin… 

y maan is huging her ? is she his lady love ?

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Maan Singh Khurana. :age 27 a very rich and handsome bussiness man in Delhi. Rude and tottly angry young man . WAS married to geet maan singh khurana but soon lost her cause of hisMISTAKES

geet/baby /princess/pari/doll /jaan and so on…..

Geet Maan Singh khurana/Raizada: age 22 she is a very fun loving and bubbly girl . Love MAAN her husband more then her life but tottly shatterd cause of MAAN but overcome the pain cause of her loving family AND FRIENDS. Now living in Paris and doing further studies in business. Still have pain and love in some corner of her heart cause of maan .


Avinash Raizada/dad: the most richest man in whole Paris . Have 100s of multinational companies . Geet’s uncle but now her father . Have 5 sons .no daughter but that was before the arival of geet . Now geet is his princess his life.


Swati Raizada /mom: a beautiful elegent lady . Love her sons and husband but her daughter GEET the most . She is the apple of her eye.

Now dil tham k betho girls here comes the 5 handsome hunks .the heartthrob of every girl in paris 😉


Youvraj Raizada : age 28, eldest son of Raizada’s going to be married soon to sia verma. MD of Raizada industeries. Love his little princess GEET can do anything for her . Geet called him dada.very strict in business but soft like cotton for his princess ,never says NO to his sis ,also control his 3 naughty brothers armaan shivam and vikrant.good by heart but can kill the person who mess with his love one’s specially GEET


Veer Raizada: 2nd son of Raizada’s . age 26. A Doc by profession . love his pari sister geet . very calm and soft spoken . don’t get angry easily but if someone became the reason of tears in his pari’s eyes then he is the most dangerous one


Shivam Raizada : age 24 . arock star by profession

a fun loving guy love his GF SHRIYA KAPOOR . sometimes a flirt too but not dangerous flirt . love his JAAN geet . very protective and possessive for his sis .can’t tolerate any unnecessary guy near his sis


Armaan Raizada : age 22. studying in same collage as GEET . a total prank star GEET IS HIS LUCKY CHARM AND ANGEL ALWAYS HELP HIM in studies and save him fro DADA’S (YOUVRAJ)ANGER



Vikrant Raizada : age 22 . non identical twin of amy .also studying in same collage as amy and geet . partner in crime with amy  (armaan) totally same as amy

love his doll geet


SIA Verma : age 22 very cute and kind hearted  girl loves youvraj . soon to be married with youvraj like a sister to geet always help her in everything . knows her every secret.


Shriya Kapoor : age 21 .studying with geet ,best friebd of her  loves shivam

shikhar rajwansh

Shikhar Rajwansh: age 22 .A cute and friendly guy . studying with geet and a friend . he has no one in his family except his big brother . they r business partners and very close friend of raizada’s .like a family to them .

tanya malhotra/tanu

Tanya Malhotra : a totally tom boy girl the gundi of collage . every boy is afraid of her . she is studying with geet and a friend of her . she is like a body guard  to her . can break the nose of the boy who try to flirt with geet . she and amy always use to fight .this is their favourite pass time.

Rishab Rajwansh/rishi

Rishab Rajwansh: age 27 , a very responsible guy .very close to Raizada’s . bEST friend andbusiness partner with UV . secretly LOVES GEET and Uv KNOWS THAT . he is the only person who can take geet any where without the permission of her family. geet also can’t say no to him cause he is a good friend and a person too.


maan had given divorce to geet and now he is repenting and trying to find her to get her back (don’t through jutaas and chapals plz lolz) but couldn’t cause he didn’t have the info about the existence of any geet’s uncle but DESTINY is a biggest player guys . SO have faith in it   

tell me how it is ?

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A POEM……..







Sometime GOD gifts us a very special person in our life without any efforts

BUT we take that person for granted and then we started to do mistakes which leads us todistraction

 We push that person out of our lives and after words we came to know the value of that person

BUT now what?…..

can we get that person back in our life ?

can GOD give us 2nd chance ?

can that special person give us 2nd chance ?

can we be able to re-gain the trust of that very person whose trust has been brutally broken by our own hands ?

this is a story which gives us the answers of these questions…

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